First Bulletin by Venezuela’s Electoral Board on Regional Election results

November 24, 2008

The Consejo Nacional Electoral finally issued its first bulltein at 11:47 PM . The first results are as follows, states without a final number are undecided. If the opposition wins Tachira and Carabobo, it will have been a good victory as it has the three most populous states in the country. However, the divisions hurt, Bolivar and  Yaracuy could have been won, but the victories in Miranda and the Metropolitan Mayor are certainly sweet. Chavez may claim victory, but he must be nervous :

Abstention 34.5%

95.67% of votes for the country

Undecided: Tachira, Carabobo

Opposition: Nueva Esparta (57.6%), Miranda (52.5%), and Zulia (53.5%)

Chavismo: Anzoategui (56.6%), Cojedes (51.5%) Delta Amacuro (55.54%), Bolivar (46.4%), Aragua (58.5%), Portuguesa (57%), Falcon (55.2%), Trujjilo (59.5%), Apure (56.4), Sucre (56.1%)Vargas (61,5%), Lara (73.1%), Barinas 49%, Guarico (54.3%), Merida (54%). Monagas (74.7%) and Yaracuy (57.46%)

Opposition wins Alcaldia Mayor (Metropolitan Mayor (52.4%)

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