Hugo Chavez reverts to his usual self a day after the election, blaming everyone but his perfect self

November 25, 2008

And on the second day, Hugo Chavez became his usual self,
lying, misrepresenting reality and blasting the media for their inaccuracies,
while spewing out a bunch of them without blinking.

I guess it was too much to ask that Chavez would in any
way change. But sometimes you wonder about him. Like
saying that he lost
Petare (actually Sucre) because it is full of the well
to do rich and racist people. He mentioned a bunch of areas, which, while
middle class are not exactly even average middle class saying “these areas are
filled with rich people who on top of that are racist because they have blacks
that iron for them and are their drivers”. And then to top it all off, he
showed his ignorance by saying that these areas are “full of golf courses”.

I guess Chavez does not even know the Sucre municipality,
where as far as I know there are no golf courses, unless Izcaragua is inside
that municipality, but I don’t believe it is. In any case those that go to
Izcaragua mostly don’t live in Sucre anyway.

Because there is indeed some middle class in Sucre, but
certainly they are not very rich, nor well to do, nor do they have help. It is
an area of average to low middle class, except maybe in Los Chorros and maybe
in El Marquez. In fact, if I have an image of what I would like the average
Venezuelan family to be, it would be those in the areas Chavez was mentioning:
Honest middle class people, hard working and trying to improve their lives.

But apparently Chavez’ dream is to have all Venezuelans be
poor and dependent on the giveaways and handouts he may feel like giving them.

He did complain about his parties two Mayors and the fact
that there are problems picking up garbage and that one of them (Juan Barreto)
was in Paris giving conferences. But who pimped Barreto and Bernal all these
years? Who allowed them both to steal their municipalities blind? Who allowed
them to switch from the outsourced garbage system to the unworkable
cooperatives where the workers are neither owners nor employees?

The problem is that Chavez refuses to admit that he may be
at fault. He plucked both Bernal and Barreto out of thin air and in order to
thank them for their loyalty allowed them to ride his coattails to their
elections. Not happy with that, after three years of very mediocre performance,
he backed them again, allowing three more years of incompetent and negligent
Government with plenty of foreign travel involved.

And then Chavez responded t a question about whether he
was going to seek another Constitutional referendum to allow him to run again,
by blasting the reporter CNN’s Patricia Janiot, for saying that he had stated
that if the opposition won any of the Governor races. Chavez said his words
were manipulated by the media because he had never said such a thing.

Maybe Chavez does not remember his won words, here they are for history
and maybe someone should showed them to , there are no conditionals in his

Despite this video, Chavez dared to say: “I never threatened anyone
with taking the tanks out if we lost and you know I would be incapable of doing
that (sic), if you know me you would know that I could not do it. (sic). I am
not crazy (sic).”

Out of touch or out of medication?

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