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Hugo Chavez’ Constitutional ENMIERDA

December 3, 2008

While the title of this post may be puzzling to non-Spanish speakers,
this is a play on words introduced (Enmienda=Amendment) by humorist Zapata to refer to
Chavez’ Constitutional amendment proposal that he has been pushing
live 5×24 for the last five days.

And I hope it sticks, because that is all Chavez’ proposal is, in
plain Castilian, a bunch of mierda…

After all, if the “people” wanted it so much and this was so crucial
to the revolution and the process…

What’s the rush?

I mean, why insult CNE Board Director Vicente Diaz, who said that the
CNE has other priorities, when what we are talking about is an
election that will not take place for another four years.

Chavez have anything better to worry about?

Well, not really…

But in his most Hugocentric thinking Chavez does understand one thing:
Even with an economic crisis, he thinks he may get reelected in
2012, but way before it, he is likely to have troubles having a
referendum approved even if he could hold it next week.

Because he still is the most popular Venezuelan politician today, once
Leopoldo Lopez, Enrique Mendoza and soon, Manuel Rosales have been
sterilized and neutralized.

Which means that Chavez can’t fathom the depth of the economic crisis looming
over Venezuela’s horizon if oil prices stay at these levels, the same
way he can’t understand why it is that he is a gigantic failure after spending over
US$ 800 billion, more than the cost of bailing out the US banking

Think about my friendly PSF, Chavez spent in ten years more than the
bailout package for the whole US banking system and you have trouble coming up with a single
achievement beyond “Hugo Chavez cares about the poor” and you still believe he was poor when young.

Another bunch of mierda…

Because most misiones are paralyzed or underfunded, health figures
are worse than ten years ago and poverty levels have barely budged. Of course, we don’t
want to talk about corruption or literacy, both now fully debunked and crime
statistics have simply become a no no. Just don’t mention them or you may lose an election.

So why does Hugo need the ENMIERDA?

Just ego, Hugocentrism, the desire to stay in his job, even if he
still has no clue, no economic model and no desire to learn.

He is a showman. He believes in the robolution and he is the
robolution, he has said it. There is no Chavismo without Chavez. He
has given his permission, he has thought about it and what the country
needs is:

Hugo Chavez…

and his ENMIERDA

Stop the world, stop the presses, stop whatever the CNE is doing, I
need my ENMIERDA…


not later, because it may not pass.

And the people need me, the country needs me, I don’t want it or need it, I just want it..

until the whole country is sinking en mierda…and that is no play on words.