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The ultimate idiotic conspiracy theory: The US created credit crisis to get back at Hugo and other revolutionaries

December 13, 2008

When you think you have heard the ultimate stupidity
coming out of the mouths of Latin-American revolutionary leaders, here comes
Bolivia’s President Evo Morales suggesting
the ultimate stupid conspiracy theory:
that the credit crisis was provoked by the

“The lower oil prices could have been provoked to punish revolutionary
Governments such as Hugo Chavez’ and some oil producing Middle East countries”

“Sadly, the Empire knows how to use financial systems in
order to punish someone”

Ironically, the Bolivian President made the statement at a
speech celebrating the end of illiteracy at the Beni Department, which goes to
show how much you need education, it is not enough to learn how to read as
Morales himself proves.

Can you imagine the scene at the CIA?: Let’s screw Hugo
even if we send the US and world economy into the worst recession since the
Depression. Who cares, we just want to get back at the guy!

Yeah! Makes lots of sense Evo, I think you have qualified now
to for a top spot in the next version of the Guide
to the Prefect Latin American Idiot
, with this brilliant idea, you have
taken the dependency theory to a new level of idiocy and stupidity. Which is
why under your leadership and that of Hugo Chavez, Bolivia and Venezuela will
sink deeper into underdevelopment.