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Nice Flowers!

December 15, 2008



My Oncidium Onustum, now known as Zelenkoa Onusta bloomed spectacularly this year as you can see.


On the left a Dendrobium hybrid, no idea what the name is. On the right a dirt orchid from Venezuela Sobralia Leocxantha. (I think)


On the left a close up of a Sobralia flower, looks like a Cattleya, except that it lasts 24 hours.


A very nice Cattleya Walkeriana tipo from Brazil, this is the one with the largest contrast I have between the lip and the sepals. On the right a Picta.

Venezuelan Government officials once again at the heart of a huge worldwide corruption scandal

December 15, 2008

When this blog began, I recall some of the cheerleaders of
the revolution accusing some members of the opposition of corruption during the
IVth. Republic. While we all knew some of the cases (not all) they were mostly
based on hearsay and the scale was small compared to what the robolution has
accustomed us to.

But somehow, every single case I brought up for
corruption, from Argentinean bonds, to structured notes to the lack of
separation of State and party did not seem to convince them.

But evidence mounted and what the Devil had been saying
became the standard in corruption cases in Venezuela. Then, Maletagate happened
and it seemed to link all of the cases, as the principals of Maletagate seemed
to have participated in a most of the corrupt shenanigans of the robolution.

And a funny thing happened: The cheerleaders went on the
blink, no comments, no defense. They were dumb, but not THAT dumb. Even worse,
the Venezuelan Government simply blamed the “Empire” claiming the infamous
Antonini suitcase full of cash was just a combined CIA/FBI plot to embarrass Hugo Chavez.
Only Evo has a bigger conspiracy theory than this.

But the robolution, can hide, but it can’t run. It is here
to stay and today a certain German company by the name of Siemens agreed
to pay
US$ 1.34 billion in fines for a criminal investigation on bribery
payments around the world and the robolution was very much at the center of it.

According to
the SEC complaint
, between 2001 and 2007, Siemens paid bribes in Venezuela
to the tune of US$ 16.7 million to Government officials in order to obtain
contracts for the subway systems of Valencia and Maracaibo. Using schemes that
you can read about in the complaint, Siemens paid a “consultant” or “fixer” US$
6.8 million dollars to funnel the money to Venezuelan Government officials.

While no names are given out, the money went into the bank
accounts of Venezuelan “government officials’ and “politically connected individuals”

-A high ranking member of the Central Government

-A former Venezuelan Minister of Defense and diplomat

-Two prominent Venezuelan Attorneys

-A relative of a local politician

who, according to the complaint “all had influence in these
and other Siemens contracts”

This consultant, a former “advisor to former Presidents”
got some US$ 6.8 millions to steer these contracts in the right direction.

So, once again the robolution finds itself at the center
of one of the biggest corruptions scandals in the world, this time a corporate
scandal. Much like the other cases, we learn about it not because the
supposedly “clean” revolution finds out about it, but more because somewhere else
the checks and balances that that have been obliterated by the robolution in
Venezuela have revealed the intimacies of the cesspool of people surrounding
Hugo Chavez and his robolution and how he allows it to happen and continue day after day.

Because tomorrow we will hear the same tiring tune that
this is simply another attempt by the oligarchs and the empire and the CIA and
the FBI to discredit Hugo and those that closely surround him.

And don’t even dream of an investigation, the General
Prosecutor and the Comptroller and the Courts are just too busy studying the intricacies
of any laws the leading members of the opposition may have violated while
running their states and municipalities, so they can ban them from running.

They are after all the real enemy of the “process” not
these small hoodlums that rip off a few million dollars at a time. 

And the cheerleaders of the robolution?

Sinking in their own lies, defending the few things they can talk about, before they are also shown to be lies.