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The triply illegal referendum for Chavez’ indefinite reelection

December 22, 2008

Just reviewing, the referendum proposed by Hugo Chavez is essentially triply illegal:

1) We already voted on it, as clearly spelled in Title IX of the Venezuelan Constitution.

2) Article 193 of the Suffrage Law clearly says that there has to be a two year span between referenda. Given that we had a referendum to consider this same question on Dec. 2nd. 2007, then we have to wait until December 2nd. of this year.

3) Article 64 of the Constitution says that if you are 18 you have the right to vote, which means that once a date for the referendum is set, anyone that turns 18 before that date should be able to register. The regulations say that once the Electoral registry is open, it has to stay open for 30 days, which makes Chavez’ date of February 15th.simply impossible.

There, three times ilegal, no matter what the autocrat says…