Chavez and Obama meet: They both seemed to be saying Uck!

April 17, 2009


According to the Bolivarian News Agency, Chavez told Obama he wants to be his friend, but in the picture they both seem to be saying Uck! as they shake hands. Revolution meets the Empire, who will charm who?

29 Responses to “Chavez and Obama meet: They both seemed to be saying Uck!”

  1. Mr Danger Says:

    “Its only a matter of time until socialist-fascist Obama goes after opposition media.”

    Yes and then its the NAU and the NWO, right?


  2. FC Says:

    The W Government’s stupidity was in way too quickly recognizing Carmona’s regime (Practically the first one). They should have waited a few days to see how the situation evolved before making an announcement, they looked like fools when they were forced to backtrack.

    In that regard you have to admire Fox, he seemed almost clairvoyant. From the very beginning he quickly noted that the contemplated transfer of power was unconstitutional and announced Mexico would not support such a regime and in fact would invoke the charter in the OAS assembly. At the time you would have thought “WTF?? Fox hates Chavez why’s he doing this!?” After the Carmona fiasco, Fox looked very wise after that.

    I wonder of course what would have happened if the Carmona regime had asserted itself. I wonder if Fox would have to “toe” the line, because it was clear the US was going to put pressure to not invoke the charter because to their eyes a more friendly “sane” regime was taking over. (It’s awful to think at this time that all the moves contemplated by the Carmona regime are peanuts compared to what Chavez is doing right now).

  3. dubya Says:

    Jimmy Carter, now there was a strong president ha ha.

    Anyway, we don’t want to have too much of an idealogical discussion about US politics on this forum. Our intention is to better things for Venezuela, god knows we need it.

    Tomorrow is supposed to see Manuel Rosales attend his tribunal. I hope he doesn’t, as his fate has already been exposed today as guilty before he has been tried. Also what is interesting after the Cumbre in Port of Spain is who will Chavez’ new enemy be? Maybe he doesn’t need one anymore and will just get on with wiping out the opposition.

  4. GeronL Says:

    By the idea the idea that the US tried to take out Chavez is ridiculous, do you also believe the Nazi’s did not burn down the Reichstag? And for the stupid line about W having disregard for the public schools, what claptrap. Schools are mostly funded and they are run on a local-state basis and hopefully the parents are involved too.

  5. GeronL Says:

    W might not have been a great President but he did stand up to terrorism and a few other items. Other than that he was a big spending statist just like most of the so-called Democrat Party.

    Obama’s administration has already argued in front of SCOTUS that they have the power to ban books, films and whatnot. They want the power to shut down the internet or parts of it. They are using taxpayer funds to create an internal army “as well funded as the US army”.

    Its only a matter of time until socialist-fascist Obama goes after opposition media.

  6. Roberto Says:

    dubya, GP,

    I believe that most of the readers of this blog will agree that Chávez has been far from a good thing for Venezuela and the Venezuelans. From what I read, both of you agree on that.

    Did the USA was involved in removing Chavez on April 11, 2002? I do not know. But I am biased towards the view that the detonant that translated in what we now know as that nefastus day was the shooting of the protesters.

    IMHO, the actions or lack of from George Bush or wheather was he a bad president for the USA belongs more to a discussion about USA rather than Venezuela as long as they are not directly related to Venezuela. Even if the USA was involved in removing Chavez that day (I do not know), I consider that without the shooting the events would surely evolved differently.

  7. GP Says:

    I have wasted 10 years of my life worrying about fools like Chávez and W. I’m trying to simply erase them from my mind, Gog and Magog.

  8. GP Says:

    And you are entitled to yours. I don’t sympathize with those who want to kill me. What I find criminal is the way W bent the rules to fit his own personal agenda.

    Why did the U.S. abandon Afghanistan and begin the whole Iraq fiasco? All that did was guarantee that the Taliban would eventually regroup and become a problem once again. Afghanistan and Iraq are related because they both point to W’s complete inability to see beyond his own narrow ideological filters.

    Defending W this far into the game seems like a mirror image of those who still defend Chávez. But ignorance is free and plentiful these days. Pero cada loco con su tema. I certainly don’t have any answers. I simply have an infinite disdain for power.

  9. dubya Says:

    You are entitled to your opinion of course. There are many that live in opressive nations that have different views on George Bush and they are entitled to their opinion.
    As for the torture, I don’t have much sympathy for people that want to kill Americans and other nations simply because they will not convert to Islam. Beside I don’t think you can compare Afghanistan with Iraq. Two completely different scenarios, one of which was definitely justified.

  10. GP Says:


    I care very much, but I don’t have much hope for Venezuela. Don’t mistake my enthusiasm towards Obama for joy at what’s happening in Venezuela. No, I don’t live in Venezuela, but I spend enough time there to realize that it has reached unimaginable levels of corruption, violence and chaos.

    I simply think that W has been the worst president in the history of the United States, a leader whose ignorance, arrogance and clumsiness were disastrous not only for the U.S. but for the entire world. Some glaring examples: CIA torture methods, Guantánamo, Iraq, Afghanistan. Not to mention W’s complete disregard for public schools in the U.S.

  11. firepig Says:

    My take on it:

    Obama ‘s strong point is his emotional intelligence.This is an innate gift which he can use for the good or for the bad.

    What I see in this pic is Obama , knowing that Chavez is a innate sycophant takes advantage of the fact.All he has to do is approach Chavez with that ” insider look of brotherhood” and Chavez cannot control his reaction.Secretly Chavez admires Obama,but normally tries to use hatred to rally his own sycophants, but in this moment the confidence of Obama combined with some other factors was too much for Chavez and he lost control.

    Remember that those who create sycophants( ie Chavez) are also sycophants themselves.A person who does not operate on this level would have no interest.

    I will say however that I am both bored and disgusted( depending on the comment)by all of the juvenile sexual references I have seen on some blogs, regarding this interchange.

  12. dubya Says:

    Hey GP, i am past caring now to be honest. Maybe you don’t live in Venezuela?

  13. Deanna Says:

    I suppose that picture of the handshake and the silly smiles will be on the front pages (especially in Venezuela) for another week. The Canci-chofer has the silliest smile of all!!! I don’t consider this “historic” at all. Historic will be when Chavez is invited to White House for dinner or to Camp David for the weekend.

  14. GP Says:


    Now that would be the democratic thing to do, to “get rid” of a president.

  15. Humberto Says:

    Perhaps Obama might consider this counter-gift:

  16. dubya Says:

    GP, 11 April 2002? what when Chavez’ thugs shot dead peaceful protesters and then resigned in shame? That is not a coup attempt. Not like Chavez’ coup attempt of 1992 when he sent tanks to Miraflores and other government buildings. What a true democrat, eh! But I am sure you don’t like to remember that…

    President Bush’s biggest error was not getting rid of Chavez…

  17. GP Says:

    Hey GP,
    The US didn’t do anything.

    Uhm… 11 April 2002? W’s entire disastrous presidency?

  18. bruni Says:

    Obama is just too cool for Chavez.

    The best picture is one in which Obama is overlooking Chavez and Chavez is looking up to him like the little kid who was finally allowed to play with his old brother…Chavez is so happy in every single picture that it is just too funny…even with Hilary, he is delighted to be taken into account.

    I think it is great that Obama made the first step towards Chavez, so that Chavez was taken by surprise….JAJA Even VTV has now the complete speech of Obama in its first page! What was the evil empire just last week, is all transformed by a picture….demasiado comico.

    Another thumbs up to Obama!

  19. Milonga Says:

    Don’t know why people are making so much fuss about their handshake… What did you expect? I still wonder what is Chavez going to do to scandalize the Summit and call attention to himself…. but giving such importance to their handshake and giving press to Chavez is all he wants and makes me furious. Ignore him!

  20. GeronL Says:

    It’s about time the U.S. and Venezuela get over their decade of adolescent confrontations.

    Hey GP,
    The US didn’t do anything. Chavez needed an enemy to blame all his problems on and he chose the very convenient US. Chavez was the only one having a juvenile confrontation.

  21. GeronL Says:

    Interesting. They have so much in common and Obama seems to be trying to follow the Chavez model so closely. Probably the jealousies that inevitably crop up in any love triangle (Fidel-Hugo-Barack).

  22. dubya Says:

    South America has been full of corruption and incompetence for many years. Of course it is always easier to blame ‘the imperialists’ for every problem, then the money can be spent on themselves rather than fixing the problems.

  23. Robert Says:

    Checking the synopsis of Open Vien reminds me of when I was between a boy and a man. I blamed my parents for my struggles up to the point I grew up and realized it was up to me to make a life.

    Galeano spans 200 years of this same blame game. When are Latin America leftist going to grow up and quit this blame? The opening ceremony of the summit was one hour of this crap. You gotta problem, fix it and quit blaming others for ancient history.

  24. Humberto Says:

    Miguel, the NYT says Obama made the first move. This shows leadership, confidence, and intelligence. Chavez, on the other hand, chose to highlight the fact that the first move came from Obama, and that since he is gentleman, he has “no problem” in shaking hands. This shows the kind of egocentric low-life he is.

    Today I read that Chavez has presented Obama with a copy of Galeano’s “Open Veins” which is a book that attempts to document why the root of all evil in LatAm is foreign intervention in general and by the US in particular.

    How ironic! Precisely when Obama is emphasizing a fresh start in relations with LatAm.

  25. dubya Says:

    The chavistas are the new ‘oligarchs’. They all live in nice apartments, drive Hummers and keep their dollars in foreign bank accounts incase Chavez does a Baduel on them one day.

    Chavez and his sheep are the biggest hypocrites of all with this anti-capitalist, anti-American nonsense (that includes you too Sean Penn). I wonder if any of them would share their assets with ‘el pueblo’? Now that is true socialism. But of course they won’t……

  26. Venezuelan in Cucuta Says:

    Any of you whippersnappers remember Malula from Radio Rochela? “Yo nací en el cerro, me crié en el cerro… pero con que ganas me mudaría pal Caracas Country Club!”

    Chavez and his toadies are like that. They’re all “down with imperialism!”, “US is the devil!”, “being rich is evil!”, and all that crap, but put then next to any US celebrity (and Obama is clearly one), and they turn into a 15-year-old girl who just saw Menudo.

    In that pic, Obama looks bemused, like a rock star who caught a fan doing the whole “we’re not worthy” thing. Chavez looks down right starstruck. Maduro looks about to let out a girlie giggle and start talking about how excited he is to meet Obama.

    Also of notice that Obama is taller than Chavez, something that very few other presidents can claim.

  27. dubya Says:

    So Chavez got his photo opportunity after all. Maybe Obama was taken by surprise but I am sure it will be circulated for many months to come on the state TV channels.
    Let’s hope Obama stands up to this clown. Surely his foreign policy advisors must know how democracy is going down the pan here, so perhaps Venezuela won’t be present at the next Cumbre!

  28. GP Says:

    Hi Miguel,

    I have to disagree. To me, they both seem to be enjoying the moment (a much as politicians “enjoy” anything). I see it as a positive step if Obama and Chávez do indeed meet again formally today (Saturday), as I just read might happen at El Nacional. It’s about time the U.S. and Venezuela get over their decade of adolescent confrontations.

  29. Roger Says:

    If you look at the picture. Obama has Chavez by the shoulder Chavez’s most favorite trick seize to the upper hand. He always does it even Arab Royalty! In most of those pics the victim looks shock as somebody touched him with his ass wipe hand.

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