Weil, Chavez, Obama and Facebook

April 23, 2009


8 Responses to “Weil, Chavez, Obama and Facebook”

  1. Casinos Says:

    Very Nice Website! I just found it on Google! Thanks for Sharing!

  2. […] Venezuelan Cartoonist Roberto Weil uses his cartoons as a social commentary for the events unfolding in his country. He’s equally as sceptical about this unlikely new global friendship…See here for latest cartoon. […]

  3. Robert Says:

    Miguel- is it about time for a Venezuela banking update? I the parallel rate heading north again.

  4. johnwilpers Says:

    Dear “Devil’s Excrement” author,

    First, I apologize for using your comment area to reach out to you, but I could not find an e-mail address on your blog.

    Second, I must tell you that you have an excellentl, thoughtful, heart-felt, well-written, educational blog, especially for those of us outside of Venezuela trying to understand what’s really going on in your country. “Devil’s Excrement” is easily among the best blogs covering Venezuelan politics that I’ve found in my searching throughout the Venezuelan blogosphere. It’s very, very good stuff.

    As a result, we would like to give your work more exposure here in the United States and around the world.

    My name is John Wilpers. I am the Global Blog Coordinator for GlobalPost, a new international news organization that launched on Jan. 12. We were featured in the New York Times last month. We have also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, MSNBC, MediaShift on PBS, the Columbia Journalism Review, the Online Journalism Review, and many more. In barely three months, we have had 250,000 unique visitors and 1.1 million page views. Our readers have come from every country in the world except North Korea, Chad, and Eritrea!

    My job is to build a list of blogs that will appear on GlobalPost where we have approximately 65 correspondents in some 46 countries plus high-profile correspondents writing about major themes.

    We are looking for enlightening, informative posts from bloggers writing (in English) about the country they live in or care deeply about. And we were very pleased and excited to find your blog about Venezuela. You help those of us looking in from the outside see more than the usual fare of bad news reported by foreign reporters who fly in, shoot a short superficial report, and fly out. I began to get a better understanding of what life, in particular politics, is really like for the people of Venezuela from reading your blog. That kind of culture-to-culture understanding is desperately needed in the world today.

    So, I would like to extend an invitation to you to have the most recent post of “Devil’s Excrement” included on the Venezuela page of GlobalPost.com as part of our “Global Blogs” service.

    The way it would work if you accept our invitation is that we would use your RSS full-text feed to place your most recent post on your personal page on GlobalPost.com. We would point back to your actual blog for comments and for archives, hopefully driving lots of traffic to your site. Each time you write a new post, it would replace the older one so only one post would appear on GlobalPost.com at any one time.

    By appearing on Global Post’s exciting new international news website, your words, viewpoints, and pictures would gain worldwide exposure. In barely two months, we have had 250,000 unique visitors and 1.1 million page views. Our readers have come from every country in the world except North Korea, Chad, and Eritrea!

    Your posts would not only appear instantly on globalpost.com but also possibly on the sites of our partners.

    You do not need to do anything differently. We do request that you point back to us from your blog (we will send out the code for our badge if you accept). We also ask that you use our GlobalPost headlines widget, but that’s not a requirement.

    You should know that we have a few guidelines that we observe here at Global Post (but reading your work, these rules hardly apply; I have to send them out and it gives you a sense of our culture):

    1) We do not publish racist, sexist, or misogynist comments (unless those comments are the subject of the post).
    2) We do not publish obscene language or photos. While we recognize that obscenity can be difficult to define, we know it when we see it and we will let you know if we think you have crossed our line.
    3) We do not permit plagiarism. Any work taken from another source must be attributed to that source.
    4) We do not publish libelous or slanderous language.
    5) We do not tolerate repeated errors of fact or misrepresentations of facts or quotes.
    6) We do not publish work inciting violence.

    Failure to observe these guidelines would result in the removal of your blog from GlobalPost. We would contact you, of course, to discuss the post in question.

    Because we have a broad multicultural audience holding every conceivable political and religious viewpoint, we want to respect their views while also possibly challenging them. We will host controversial work. We will encourage robust debate of the hottest topics. We will not stifle discussion, only abuse of people, belief systems, and laws.

    We hope these guidelines are acceptable to you.

    I look forward getting your permission to put your full-text RSS feed on our site. Thank you!


    John Wilpers

  5. Andres F Says:

    Funny, but accurate illustration

  6. island canuck Says:

    We need a bunch of T-shirts with this message.


  7. GeronL Says:


    I have facebook..
    …still waiting for those friend requests.

    Obama is a fraud

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