Away for a while, will post occasionally

April 26, 2009

I will be going on my yearly vacation. Thanks to this new software I will be able to post while away, but obviosuly I will not be as in touch as usual. In fact, there are eight days on my vacation when I will have no Internet connection or possibility of having one. I will only post in this web address as the old system does not allow me to do remote posting.

8 Responses to “Away for a while, will post occasionally”

  1. firepigette Says:

    enjoy !

  2. dillis Says:

    Wow, 8 days with no chance of internet….where are you going, The Moon? have a good time wherever it is!

  3. Emilia Says:

    From time to time it’s necessary to be a little bit unplugged. We’ll suffer but we can afford this!! Have a nice time and enjoy ur trip.

  4. Roberto Says:

    What? Again?

    Just kidding, Miguel. Enjoy!

  5. island canuck Says:

    Enjoy your vacation & stay away from swine flu.

  6. Eric Says:

    Miguel, you certainly deserve a time-out. Have a great time, relax, refresh yourself, and come back with your energy renewed.

  7. Kepler Says:

    That is why Venezuela is where it is: from one big vacation to the other.:-) Just kidding.
    But I am sure Chavez will announce something on the 30th while the whole opposition is on the beach.

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