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One Government, one voice!!!

July 4, 2009

While Insulza is trying to defend murky democracy in Honduras, in Venezuela the “One  Government, one voice” program continues successfully. Every day, democracy is diminished in Venezuela and Insulza seems to have a Mad Magazine, “What? Me worry attitude”. Let’s see:

—In Tachira State, the democratically elected Governor of the State will be unable to celebrate Independence Day, because the pro-Chavez General in charge of the region will not allow him to go into Plaza Bolivar, because “He is the military Governor” and has decided to militarize the State. Take that Insulza!

—And as part of the “One Govennment, one Voice” peculiar Chavista democracy, Cedice’s ads in favor of private property (They were not against anything, just pro-private property”, were suspended by the man the “people” ousted from the Governorship of Miranda State and resurfaced as all powerful Chavista Minister of Infrastructure and in charge of the media and telecom regulator Diosdado Cabellos. He will also shut down 200-plus radio stations, just because…he can!!! Are you listening Insulza?

—And n Carabobo State, the illustrious but barely illustrated Mayor of Valencia Edgardo Parra led a mob in he attack of the headquarters of newspaper El Carabobeño, in which the facilities were vandalized. Thus, the guy in charge of local security leads a mob, which damages private property and establishes a clear threat against freedom of expression. Insulza: Please defend democracy, but don’t meddle with Hugo!!!

It’s the new Latin American democracy: One Government, One Voice!!!