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Washington planning to “checkmate” Hugo Chavez according to Heinz Dieterich

July 25, 2009

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According to a formerly influential Chavista theorist Heinz Dieterich, Washington is planning to “checkmate” Chavez and his revolution in 2010. Dieterich who has been critical lately of the revolution, but is no longer heard as much, has been saying this for over a year and continues to expand his theory as events develop.

According to Dieterich, the checkmate plan includes:

-Military coup against Chavez in Honduras (Jeez…)

-Lula and Mercosur are now on the side of the US

-Use Colombia to militarily weaken and attack Venezuela

Dieterich now says that what happened in Honduras is the second “military coup” against Chavez, the difference being that this one will weaken Chavez and lead him to an electoral defeat in 2010.

According to Dieterich, even Chavez’ “intellectuals” are telling the Venezuelan President that his model is incapable of stopping the advance of this “imperialist and oligarchic” project.

Dieterich says that the worsening of the President’s international position, the Uribe military advance, the incontrolable inflation and dysfunctional economic policy, the opposition electoral block which has 40% of the population and the media power of the “right” present the needed framework so that all conditions are there for the 2010 defeat.

Well, it would seem to me that just with the dysfunctional economy and 40% of the population, the stage would be set for a Chavez defeat, but somehow these guys always see a conspiracy somewhere (or want to blame it on something else) The problem is that this type of criticism is not taken well by Chavismo. Chavez already criticized the “intellectuals” that Dieterich refers to in his article and looking through the pages of aporrea to see if the original article was there, I only found an article in which the author wonders why Dieterich decided to start attacking Chavez and the revolution.

Dieterich closes by saying that just like in 2002 the Captain of the ship no longer wants to see the tip of the iceberg…