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Chavismo’s ideological consistency

July 8, 2009

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(I condemn the boycott of Cuba…Hello, Honduras does not want to obey us? Let’s boycott Honduras!)

I have been trying to understand the ideological consistency of Chavista actions and policies.

Case 1: Chavismo rejects and despises the economic boycott against Cuba.

Chavez announces that it will cut off Petrocaribe’s oil supply to Honduras until Zelaya returns to power. (Chavez is even asking that Honduras now pay back aid given before Zelaya was removed from power)

Case 2: Chavez rejects the “coup” against Zelaya because coups are something that military gorillas  do and are anti-democratic

The graduates from the 2008 Air Force Academy choose as the name of their graduating class “November 27th. 1992” in celebration of the coup attempt led by the Air Force (and fully supported by Hugo Chávez) on the date.

Case 3: Chávez and Venezuela reject the intervention of the US in any country in Latin America.

Chávez calls for Obama and the US to intervene in Honduras…

This all has the consistency of ideological tapioca…