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The Devil goes bilingual, watch for

July 5, 2009

(Este post se encuentra en Español aqui)

In the next few days, I will start a somewhat crazy experiment that all logic tells me I should not even try: I will make this blog bilingual by posting everything here in English and at in Spanish.

There are multiple reasons for doing this and even more for not doing it.

When I began my blog, it was my goal to let people outside of Venezuela know what was happening, how Hugo Chavez was walking this very fine line of illegality and abuse of power to take our rights away from us. This is no longer the most pressing need. By now, Chavez’ autocratic and dictatorial style is there for everyone to see, only the most fanatic and fervent worshippers of Hugo still believe his revolution means well, is not militaristic and does not have as its main purpose the indefinite preservation of Hugo Chavez in power.

But this does not mean that the story should not be continued to be told in English.

At the same time, there is much that is not being told in Spanish, or not being told in detail by the traditional media (fear, pressure?), so that there should be a place to tell the same stories in Spanish. I should at least try to get people to be aware of them even if they don’t get as incensed as I get.

There are a number of problems with this project. First of all is simply time, each and every post has to be translated and we all know that you are not the best translator of your own writings, as the original language will influence how you do it. The second problem, is that it takes time and therefore I will blog less. So, if there is someone out there that is willing to help once in a while with translating my posts, I would appreciate it. My rule will be that I will not post three times without translation being available.

There is also the problem with exposure, obviously in Spanish the blog will be much more visible, but that is a risk I am willing to take at this time. As I always say, I only have one country, so what the hell!

Every intuition tells me that the idea is crazy, it’s too much work and will reduce my blogging, but somehow I feel I have to do it and have been toying with it ever since I changed to this new software at the beginning of the year. I have not even consulted it with my blogging conscience, my brother, which will give you an idea of how much I think that if I really analyze it hard, I will simply not do it.

So, there you have it, the devil goes bilingual fulltime, which I hope does not make me go bipolar, like that other animal hanging out on the Venezuelan blogosphere.