The Devil goes bilingual, watch for

July 5, 2009

(Este post se encuentra en Español aqui)

In the next few days, I will start a somewhat crazy experiment that all logic tells me I should not even try: I will make this blog bilingual by posting everything here in English and at in Spanish.

There are multiple reasons for doing this and even more for not doing it.

When I began my blog, it was my goal to let people outside of Venezuela know what was happening, how Hugo Chavez was walking this very fine line of illegality and abuse of power to take our rights away from us. This is no longer the most pressing need. By now, Chavez’ autocratic and dictatorial style is there for everyone to see, only the most fanatic and fervent worshippers of Hugo still believe his revolution means well, is not militaristic and does not have as its main purpose the indefinite preservation of Hugo Chavez in power.

But this does not mean that the story should not be continued to be told in English.

At the same time, there is much that is not being told in Spanish, or not being told in detail by the traditional media (fear, pressure?), so that there should be a place to tell the same stories in Spanish. I should at least try to get people to be aware of them even if they don’t get as incensed as I get.

There are a number of problems with this project. First of all is simply time, each and every post has to be translated and we all know that you are not the best translator of your own writings, as the original language will influence how you do it. The second problem, is that it takes time and therefore I will blog less. So, if there is someone out there that is willing to help once in a while with translating my posts, I would appreciate it. My rule will be that I will not post three times without translation being available.

There is also the problem with exposure, obviously in Spanish the blog will be much more visible, but that is a risk I am willing to take at this time. As I always say, I only have one country, so what the hell!

Every intuition tells me that the idea is crazy, it’s too much work and will reduce my blogging, but somehow I feel I have to do it and have been toying with it ever since I changed to this new software at the beginning of the year. I have not even consulted it with my blogging conscience, my brother, which will give you an idea of how much I think that if I really analyze it hard, I will simply not do it.

So, there you have it, the devil goes bilingual fulltime, which I hope does not make me go bipolar, like that other animal hanging out on the Venezuelan blogosphere.

17 Responses to “The Devil goes bilingual, watch for”

  1. bono Says:

    I actually translate all the post I think are interesting or have a commun subjet for all my friend not english speaking and send it by email.
    I think, it is not worthy, people ho needs the spanish version can use a free translate web page and run on it

  2. Miguel,
    you can count me in! I will be glad to translate your material into spanish. Even maracucho is you wish (that would be easier for me).

  3. deananash Says:

    Congratulations Miguel. I applaud your courage and willingness to sacrifice for the betterment of your country – Venezuela. You, my friend, are a true patriot. If Venezuela had a few more like you, things wouldn’t have gotten this far along already.

    Too many people, when they say that they want to live in a better world (or a better Venezuela) actually mean that they want ‘their’ world (or ‘their’ Venezuela to be better.) Your actions demonstrate that you want a better Venezuela for everyone.

  4. pospam Says:

    I actually would love to translate your post from en to es.
    Just send me a digital copy and I will translate as fast as possible.

  5. Roberto Says:

    Miguel: You can add my hat to the translating ring. You can pay me in Soleras (or current equivalent) at the rate of one per article. Payable when Venezuela is rid of Chavez (democratically I hope). Zero percent interest, they must be, however, como beso de suegra when I collect.

  6. Good luck. If you need my help let me know…BTW I tried and I got something called GLOBAL something, not bad but jnot yours. Are you arware of this?

  7. Kepler Says:

    I can help with the translation into Spanish.

    I don’t think you need to translate all posts, though. Those that are too much for traders can be in English only.

  8. Roger Says:

    I don’t think that just a translation does it. Trying to explain to the world what is going on is one thing. Telling people who live it every day how to change it is another. Also, we can say things about people in English that are very much insults in Spanish. I think it has to have a very different Editorial Policy.

  9. Steven Says:

    Miguel, I would be glad to help, especially with Spanish>English.

  10. moctavio Says:

    For too many reasons, the fact that I write this blog is well known by now. There is an extra risk, but I dont think is huge.

  11. Nobody Special Says:

    I think the cost benefit analysis of going bilingual is definitely on the negative side given the risk involved. Remember the Japanese proverb: “The nail that sticks up will get hammered down.”

    This has nothing to do with the size of one’s cajones: this should be a decision made after an analysis of what it’s worth to you and what it might cost you and your family. You’re telling tales out of school… which can be embarrassing to certain elements, and there are some elements within this government that do not play games- they kill. You know this. Calculate the cost and consider carefully.

  12. […] El Diablo será bilingue, estén pendientes de Julio 6, 2009 (This post can be found in English here) […]

  13. JBaumeister Says:

    Best wishes on your ‘new’ venture.
    The spanish link will be added to the blogroll @DP

  14. Deanna Says:

    I know that it’s going to be risky and hard work for you. But the story has to be told, not only to the people outside but also those inside the country who are still a bit ignorant about what’s really going on. While I’m quite good at translating from Spanish to English, I don’t feel the same confidence doing it from English to Spanish (Spanish being a second language and English my mother tongue). Otherwise, I would volunteer (maybe I should do a dry run with one of your posts). Nevertheless, you can count on me to disseminate whatever posts you have in Spanish to all my friends and relatives in Venezuela, both Chavista and non-Chavista.

  15. Alex Dalmady Says:

    This is not a good idea, Diablocaca. Not only because of the extra work, but because you don’t need to draw extra attention to yourself. Not worth the risk, if you ask me.

  16. island canuck Says:

    Many of your comments need to be in Spanish.

    Hope this works out & I will forward the link to many people who should be reading your blogs.

  17. GeronL Says:

    This Texan thinks your doing great work keeping the world informed of whats happening there. I wouldn’t know half of it if I relied on the ‘normal’ media outlets.

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