Chavismo’s ideological consistency

July 8, 2009

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(I condemn the boycott of Cuba…Hello, Honduras does not want to obey us? Let’s boycott Honduras!)

I have been trying to understand the ideological consistency of Chavista actions and policies.

Case 1: Chavismo rejects and despises the economic boycott against Cuba.

Chavez announces that it will cut off Petrocaribe’s oil supply to Honduras until Zelaya returns to power. (Chavez is even asking that Honduras now pay back aid given before Zelaya was removed from power)

Case 2: Chavez rejects the “coup” against Zelaya because coups are something that military gorillas  do and are anti-democratic

The graduates from the 2008 Air Force Academy choose as the name of their graduating class “November 27th. 1992” in celebration of the coup attempt led by the Air Force (and fully supported by Hugo Chávez) on the date.

Case 3: Chávez and Venezuela reject the intervention of the US in any country in Latin America.

Chávez calls for Obama and the US to intervene in Honduras…

This all has the consistency of ideological tapioca…

14 Responses to “Chavismo’s ideological consistency”

  1. Kelvin94 Says:

    The opportunity to ask questions is equally shared amongst the members of the house, excluding ministers. ,

  2. Ganry91 Says:

    Success has a smell, a flavor, a feel. ,

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  4. Translator Says:

    Chávez was planning massacre in Honduras

    The objective last Sunday July 5th was to provoke a massacre and create martyrs.

    Chávez commanded the military operation from Venezuela. On the whiteboard a message written in military code can be seen and it talks about injured people and desperation.

    Tegucigalpa, Honduras

    The AFP news agency caught the moment when Hugo Chávez was coordinating, from his office, the military operation that took Manuel Zelaya Rosales to Honduras, in flagrant violation of Honduran air space.

    Nonetheless, beyond seeing a former leader of military coups pointing to his Panasonic TV set and applauding Zelaya Rosales’ “heroic deed” broadcast live over the TeleSur network, experts in political matters and security have noticed a message written on the whiteboard that could well be clear evidence that the objective was to provoke a massacre at the demonstration.

    Almost in tune with the intentions revealed by the writing on the board, Zelaya Rosales, through satellite communication from the aircraft, was asking the people to invade the runway and to remove the obstacles the military forces had put in place.

    The people tried to break though; however, their action was suppressed by the military and police forces that were using blank cartridges and rubber bullets according to the Human Rights Commissioner,

    The textual message on Chávez’s board says: 051345JUL09 Swarm of African bees, Presidential Grandstand, persons injured by stings and people’s desperation.

    Mario Berríos, an attorney and analyst in political and security matters, assures that this is a message written in coded language.

    The indicator 051345JUL09, according to Berríos, is what is called Date-Time-Group (DTG) in military terminology.

    A DTG consists of two parts. The first two digits (05) indicate the date and the last four digits (1345) indicate the hour the message was transmitted, precisely the time when the demonstrators were making the police retreat in the vicinity of Camosa, since the rings of security were not enough for holding them back and keeping them from approaching Toncontín Airport.

    “Swarm of African bees” refers to the people’s power that has been able to overturn governments in some countries.

    In the case of Sunday’s rally in front of the airport, Berríos pointed out that in fact the demonstrators had arrived from all parts of the country and “fortunately were not numerous enough to turn the government around and manage to subjugate the Armed Forces and the Police.”

    “Presidential Grandstand” means that a direct localization would take place there favorable to Zelaya, thus declaring him the newly installed power in the country.

    The phrase “persons injured by stings,” according to Berríos, could be the most disturbing part of the message and of the Chávez operation, since it denotes that the objective was to induce a violent response to the military and police forces or that among the demonstrators themselves injuries would be provoked and shots would be fired in the lust for seeking “new martyrs.”

    It is noteworthy that one day prior to that, Cardinal Rodríguez reminded all that Zelaya’s return was not recommended and pointed out that as of that date, there had not been even one death due to the political crisis.

    “People’s desperation,” could mean that the final strategy was to provoke chaos and an inability to govern as deaths and injuries mounted.

    Faced with these pretensions, the government decided to set the curfew earlier at 6:30 in the evening thus making people stay at home.

    “The entire Chávez operation consisted of a military aggression disguised as a civilian activity. It is obvious that in order to move into this sector, Zelaya Rosales had been counseled. That is why there is no doubt that the person directing this military activity has been Chávez and some military strategists who had to have appraised the political factor, the Armed Forces’ activity, the control, the power, the capability, but also the psychological factor of the population, the people’s power and the capability for subjugating the Armed Forces,” he explained.

    The investigations conducted by the investigative bodies point to persons who had infiltrated the demonstration, this as a function of the fact that the military and the police were using blank cartridges or rubber bullets. The bullet shells presented by the demonstrators could not have come from the runway and the surrounding grounds as far as the street.

    Furthermore, the way in which the shot entered the head of the 19 year old male and the probable distance at which the shooter stood.

    *The figures: 1 Person died as a result on Sunday July 5th, 2009. This involves a 19 year old male from Olancho. The demonstrators showed shell casings but did not explain how they got them.

  5. IBD Says:

    U.S. Interests In Honduras Matter

    By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Wednesday, July 08, 2009 4:20 PM PT

    Diplomacy: Outsourcing U.S. foreign policy to the OAS may sound good, but the reality remains that all nations, including ours, have interests. That may be why the U.S. is now shifting to a more workable stance on Honduras.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday announced a realistic plan to resolve the Honduras crisis by forging a deal with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias to mediate a solution to the issue of who rules the Central American country.

    Acting after meeting with ousted President Mel Zelaya, who was thrown out June 28 in a constitutional process, her initiative shows just how badly relying on the Organization of American States (OAS) has failed for the U.S. The new Arias plan may just succeed.

    It couldn’t come at a better time. Last Friday, OAS Secretary-General Jose Miguel Insulza strutted like a colonial grandee into Tegucigalpa, threatening sanctions and the expulsion of Honduras if it didn’t restore Zelaya. He refused to meet President Roberto Micheletti, warning: “We are not going to Honduras to negotiate.”

    It only strengthened Honduras’ resolve against letting Zelaya return. After Insulza raised the stakes, Zelaya tried to fly into Tegucigalpa’s airport, setting off riots that left two dead.

    Government support strengthened though, with the Church, businesses and crowds in the streets all holding together.

    “Honduras is an example to the world. We don’t have money. We don’t have oil. We have balls,” read a hand-lettered sign from a defiant street protester in support of his government.

    With sentiment like this, Hondurans signaled they would set their own course, follow their own constitution and pay whatever price, no matter what the OAS did. “Better six months of isolation than 20 years of Chavez,” Micheletti said.

    Arias isn’t impartial as a mediator, given his vote to condemn and expel Honduras from the OAS. But he has a record of successful mediation in El Salvador, winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987, and is willing to engage all parties instead of dictate a solution. The existing government in Honduras is still free to reject anything outrageous, which couldn’t be any worse for Honduras than OAS threats.

    For Clinton, it’s a sign that reality has sunk in and Zelaya, an unpopular, vainglorious and anti-U.S. leader, is unlikely to be returned to power. Not only does Honduras’ constitution forbid it, but Hondurans don’t want it, and time is running out. Instead, elections may be moved forward, or amnesties issued as talks start Thursday.

    Maybe history is forcing the new Clinton stance: The last time the U.S. tried to reinsert a deposed leader, in 1994 with Haiti’s Jean Bertrand Aristide, the result was chaos. Clinton was first lady then.

    Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, of course, thrives on chaos and is doing all he can to stoke it. But the U.S. in particular doesn’t need chaos in Honduras, given the country’s strategic location as a transit point for illegal drugs and the threat that criminal cartels pose to the political stability of regional governments.

    The new Clinton plan also serves to strengthen the interests of Honduras’ neighbors in the emerging bloc of Panama, Colombia and Mexico, all of which do not want a chaotic Honduras.

    The three nations did stress earlier that there should be no foreign interference in Honduran affairs, even as they went with the OAS consensus, and all have moved in this direction. Panama offered mediation. Mexico offered asylum to Zelaya. Colombia stopped a 60-person Venezuelan convoy “battalion” of aid headed to Honduras at its border to ward off Chavista cash and interference.

    What it adds up to is U.S. interests — not those of Venezuela or Nicaragua — becoming predominant in ending the crisis in Honduras, and in a way that’s acceptable to Hondurans and their neighbors.

    This will work far better than letting the OAS continue its grandstanding. Sure, some may say Hillary blinked. But it’s a good blink.

  6. Casper the friendly spook Says:

    leave it to the Hondurans to tell us what happened:

    Anyone else watching Zelaya overfly Hondura find it odd he was broadcasting live? He never had a chance of landing and they knew it.

    This is 21st Century Socialism’s babtism under blood and fire.

    The cameras and information age serve to create the magnification that places today’s clashes with relatively minor number of dead and wounded up against the the big blowups of the past.

  7. Humberto Says:

    And we thought “chavismo” has anything to do with ideology? Any ideology? C’mon!

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  9. Nur_Ich Says:

    Good example is also, that they always say, that the 4th republic gave the natural resources like oil to foreign countries, now they do the same with a part of the Orinoco belt for 4.3 billion debt.

    Even the chavistas are not amused, was funny to follow that in aporrea 🙂

  10. moctavio Says:

    Perfect fit zamuro, I added it!!! Thanks!

  11. zamuro Says:

    weil on your “case 1” recently:

    no consistency to be found? none intended…

  12. Sire Says:

    “Nosotros no podemos transferir el beneficio de Petrocaribe a una dictadura, y mucho menos a un pequeño grupo de empresarios que dieron un golpe de Estado” (Rafael Ramírez).

    This illustrates Miguel’s point: double standards and inconsistency.

  13. HalfEmpty Says:

    This all has the consistency of idological tapioca…

    Heh… you have no 11 year old kids?



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