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No más Chávez and no more repression

September 3, 2009


Unfortunately I will be traveling this weekend to the wedding of a close relative on Saturday. I will be flying and changing planes on Friday which will not allow me to to participate in any of the many No mas Chavez demonstrations around the world. Obviously, on Saturday I will be far from Caracas so I will not attend the local march to protest the way the Chavez Government has tried to intimidate and criminalize protests in Venezuela.

While I hope that the Government does not repress the march, recent events do not make me very optimistic, particularly on Saturday. Chavismo has once again called for parallel demonstrations, which I am sure will be there to distract and confront.

I should have access to computers and email, so that if anyone has pictures of demonstrations from tomorrow anywhere in the world, I will be more than delighted to put them up. Just tell me in what city the demonstration took place. (Send to

I guess my new gas mask will have to wait…

(It has become a boring topic, but 40% of Venezuela lost electric power today, a common occurrence these days. due to a problem at the Tacoa Plant. Of course, the spin doctors are already out suggesting it was opposition sabotage and the matter should be investigated)

Rayma on Chavez’ trip to Lybia, Algeria, Syria, Iran, Byelorussia and Russia

September 3, 2009