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Hugo Chavez’ show must go on!

September 8, 2009


So, I went away for four days for a family event and not much changed in that time, as expected. Chavez is still traveling as the country falls apart. He feels no need to be here, as power failures not only occur, but repeat many times a week. And while we have shortages of corn, Chavez offers Syria some of our own, and while we import gasoline, Chavez offers Iran some of that too. He is such a generous guy!

But we all know that this is not generosity, this is much like what is going in Venice, part of the show, the same tragicomedy Venezuelans have been watching for years. We have all heard about employment programs, housing programs, food self-sufficiency, lower inflation and our hate for the US. But underemployment keeps increasing, the housing programs have been a failure, food production has gone down, inflation has become “structural” and we keep exporting oil to our enemies. Simply put, the revolution is just another show, what is important is to say that we will export corn to Syria and gasoline to Iran, the rest, is simply immaterial and will all be forgotten.The show must go on!

Forgotten like all of the other promises of the revolution, the shutdown of TV and radio stations, the murder of protesters, the firing of 20,000 oil workers. Forgotten like the thousands that die murdered just because Chavez could care less about crime and the like. Or like the fact that Chavez has been in power for more than ten years, so that using the excuse that something is “structural” should no longer have any validity.

But nobody asks if Oliver Stone got paid by Chavez to make the documentary about him (or Chomsky’s trip for that matter) or whether the three jets and fifty bodyguards that follow Chavez around can be justified in a country with such high poverty levels. (But heck, we pay for Zelaya’s jet, why not Chavez’?)

Unfortunately for us, people just don’t pay attention to detail and Chavez and his cronies everywhere know how to manipulate the media and the revolutionary spirit of the ignorant. It is very romantic to hear that Chavez will replicate Iran’s nuclear efforts in Venezuela. We will just wonder who they will do it with? Will they revive Argentina’s effort under Richter who promised Peron “bottled nuclear energy” Or will we begin importing Iranians and North Korean’s to satsify Chavez’s ego?

And since those that know about oil are not interested in our heavy crude fields, we give them away to country’s as clueless in oil as we are nuclear energy, like Belarus or Vietnam, so they can get their training wheels in Venezuela, just when we will be needing more oil production to survive.

But this is not about survival, this is about the show. The show, the Hugo Chavez show, must simply go on! At any cost! So, I may go away for four days or four months, but nothing will have changed. All older projects and announcements are forgotten both by Chavez and his cheerleaders. It is the new announcements that matter, whether they are made in Teheran, Damascus, Venice or Caracas. And these in turn will be forgotten when new announcements are made later, in order to create a new show.

As Hugo Chavez told his Minister of Finance long time ago, it does not matter if there is money or not, if it gets done or not. Chavze lives for these annuncements. He only lives for the show.

And the show must go on!

Some pictures from Saturday’s peaceful march

September 8, 2009

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And Karl Marx (the 3d. ?) sends his pictures from Saturday’s march which was fortunately peaceful.