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Andorran banks freeze accounts of people close to Chavez, including relatives

September 10, 2009


In another revolutionary milestone, Andorran authorities have frozen the bank accounts of people close to the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, including “relatives fairly close to the Venezuelan President” according to the Miami Herald. The action is apparently done at the request of the US Government which tied the Andorran accounts to thousands of millions dollars of “dubious origin and possible links to the financing of terrorism”. According to the Miami Herald report, the accounts have a double link to possible fraudulent activities, first they belong to Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) plus they belong to the close circle of power of the Venezuelan President and they may be linked to terrorism.

Apparently many of these accounts were opened with the aid of “members of the Bolivarian elite, businessmen who with the aid of Hugo Chavez have obtained Government contracts which are not very orthodox”.

Of Course, the fanatics and cheerleaders of the revolution will ignore these signs of corruption (thousands of millions of dollars belonging to the people of Venezuela! Explain that Oliver!), much like the obviated Maletagate, the acquisition of companies by people who ten years ago did not have much money and the freezing of the accounts of the Generals in charge of the military and civilian intelligence services for complicity in drug trafficking.