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Comptroller defends Chavez on corruption, as the Andorran corruption/terrorism accusation is covered up

September 14, 2009


The man in charge of fighting corruption in Venezuela, Clodosblado Russian, is truly a remarkable puzzle. Which world does he live in? Today, as an example, he admitted, I think for the first time, that there is corruption in Venezuela, but he then proceeded to ruin it by saying that President Chavez was his greatest ally in fighting corruption. According to this man who has earned the nickname “Ruffian”, which is one of the few puns which is bilingual, Chavez has “expressed himself strongly against this scourge”.

It was, without any doubt, the wrong statement to make by the Head of an independent power about the Head of the Government that he is supposed to supervise to prevent corruption and which an Andorran Court has just frozen accounts in the thousands of millions of dollars belonging to “leading officials of the Venezuelan Government, military officers of that country and…relatives who are more or less close to the Venezuelan leader

Thus, the Comptroller should not only be distancing himself from the Venezuelan Dictator, but should be holding a press conference to announce that he is opening an investigation on who are these people, how much did they have in the Andorran accounts and where the hell they got the billions of dollars in them. And the first thing he should do, is to contact Andorran authorities to obtain all of the relevant information.

Instead, the Comptroller, the same one that never investigated the Maletagate affair, despite the clear involvement of Ministers and Venezuelan officials in it, gives Chavez a blanket endorsement. Clearly, Ruffian is simply part of the local cover up of the accusation, much like in all of the other previous scandals for which he never opened any investigation.

And in this bizarre country, the Venezuelan National Assembly goes into a higher plane of bizarro overdrive and rather than asking who has the money in Andorra, where it came from and its origin, opens an investigation into why the accounts were frozen?

You got to be kidding me!!!

Because that is the only thing that is actually clear in the report in either the Andorran paper or the Miami Herald: They were frozen because there are suspicions that these accounts are linked to the financing of terrorist activities.  Moreover among the groups that may have benefited from this financing are none other than the FARC, Hizbul·là, Hamàs, al-Qaeda and ETA, among others.

What is not clear about that accusation to our esteemed National Assembly?

So, why not ask the right questions: Who owned the accounts? Where did they get the “thousands of millions of dollars”? Who are the relatives of Chavez involved? Who are the important members of Chavez’  Government involved? How about the military Officers? Those would be the correct questions to ask, but clearly the Assembly is simply taking part in the same cover up, much like what it happened in the Maletagate case, where nothing, absolutely nothing has been investigated by the Assembly, the Comptroller and/or the Prosecutors’ office.

Think of it, in what other country is there such an explosive accusation of a foreign Court issuing such an order without even a denial from the Government. Or even a simple response.

But there has been nothing. Absolute silence. After all, what’s a couple of billion dollars for a country like Venezuela? Chavez just got a US$ 2.2 billion loan from Russia to buy 92 tanks or something nutty like that.This in a country without hospitals, with decaying infrastructure, malnutrition, homeless people and poverty.

Can it get more bizarre than this?