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Blackouts Jorge Giordani by Teodoro Petkoff

October 13, 2009


Blackouts Jorge Giordani by Teodoro Petkoff

These guys that govern Venezuela don’t seem to convince themselves that they have spent almost eleven years trying to destroy the country. They always speak as if they had taken over barely last month. This mini reporter was listening to Minister of Planning Jorge Giordani and he could not help but jump when the Professor explained that the crisis in the electric sector and the avalanche of blackouts that is flooding the country was the result of a lack of investment. He was saying that this was part of a plan by the “IVth.” To dismember CADAFE and sell it in parts to the private sector. Imagine that, cried Giordani

Even if we suppose that such plan had existed, which never did and doubly never existed and that it was true that there was no investment at all in the electric sector in the twenty years before Chávez and that dams like Macagua Uno and Two had been born by spontaneous generation and that it was the Paez Government and not Caldera´s, the one that contracted the Caruachi dam, let’s imagine that Electricidad de Caracas never invested a cent in expanding its generation capacity, and even then- Haven’t eleven years been sufficient to revert that behavior of prior Governments? Where were you eminent planner, all of these years? Are you coming now, like a country fair charlatan to invent the wheel? You have been in charge of Cordiplan (The Ministry of Planning) for a bunch of years and it never occurred to you to to point out what you are pointing out now? Eleven years, Giordani, eleven years is what this bunch of useless and incompetent of whom you are part, have been governing the country and you still have the gall of blaming previous Governments for your own irresponsibility! No, my dear Jorge, you guys are not only responsible for the holes in the streets-that you now ant to baptize with the names of the Mayors that Chacumbuele* has put there. But the blackouts are also yours.

In fact, the blackouts have, among others, your own name, Blackouts Giordani, like Potholes Jorge Rodriguez are those that exist  in the vicinity of the street where this mini reporter is your neighbor.

*Chacumbele is a nick name Petkoff uses for Chávez , in the song Chacumbele killed himself after falling in love with a woman.