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First Devil’s contest on: Which movie role was Muammar Gaddafi playing in each of the following pictures?

October 1, 2009

There are certain things that are irresistible. Like the picture below of Muammar Gaddafi, receiving the “Orden del Libertador”, the highest honor granted by Venezuela. First, it demonstrates Chavez’ shalllowesness, when he grants this honor to the African version of Luis Posada Carriles (except that Gaddafi confessed), but who also happens to be a Dictator who has ruled over his country for 40 years.

But I have more thanĀ  that problem with the picture below. First of all, I can’t prove it, but isn’t this the second time Chavez gives the same Order to Gaddafy?

I think so, but could not find the reference (Pic #5?)…I will leave it at that.

But I look at the picture and can’t figure out whether Gaddafi is trying to be Michael Jackson or Diego Maradona in his personal life. You could argue either one, except that Gaddafi does not sing that I know of, but he certainly looks like he has had some plastic surgery and either eats or smokes something more than dates, like Diego…

But then, good friend “Dee” sends me a collection of pictures of Gaddafi and I find that like Hugo, Muammar likes to wear costumes, but he seems to be playing a role each time, and a movie role at that.

So, Gaddafi’s second “Simon Bolivar Order” is not only a time to hope you will never be honored with the Order yourself, but for the “First Devil’s contest on: Which movie role was Gaddafi playing in each of the pictures below?”

I am the sole judge and the award will be either a copy of Zafon’s La Sombra del Viento (in English or Spanish) or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (either language, different names) for the person that best identifies the movie/character that Muammar was playing in each of the following pictures. If you have read both books, you could choose Dan Brown’s latest, even if it is not very good…

Contest will close on October 12th. whether you call it Columbus Day or the Day of Indigenous Resistance or October 12th.

(Contest closed to Hugo’s or Muammar’s relatives)