First Devil’s contest on: Which movie role was Muammar Gaddafi playing in each of the following pictures?

October 1, 2009

There are certain things that are irresistible. Like the picture below of Muammar Gaddafi, receiving the “Orden del Libertador”, the highest honor granted by Venezuela. First, it demonstrates Chavez’ shalllowesness, when he grants this honor to the African version of Luis Posada Carriles (except that Gaddafi confessed), but who also happens to be a Dictator who has ruled over his country for 40 years.

But I have more than  that problem with the picture below. First of all, I can’t prove it, but isn’t this the second time Chavez gives the same Order to Gaddafy?

I think so, but could not find the reference (Pic #5?)…I will leave it at that.

But I look at the picture and can’t figure out whether Gaddafi is trying to be Michael Jackson or Diego Maradona in his personal life. You could argue either one, except that Gaddafi does not sing that I know of, but he certainly looks like he has had some plastic surgery and either eats or smokes something more than dates, like Diego…

But then, good friend “Dee” sends me a collection of pictures of Gaddafi and I find that like Hugo, Muammar likes to wear costumes, but he seems to be playing a role each time, and a movie role at that.

So, Gaddafi’s second “Simon Bolivar Order” is not only a time to hope you will never be honored with the Order yourself, but for the “First Devil’s contest on: Which movie role was Gaddafi playing in each of the pictures below?”

I am the sole judge and the award will be either a copy of Zafon’s La Sombra del Viento (in English or Spanish) or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (either language, different names) for the person that best identifies the movie/character that Muammar was playing in each of the following pictures. If you have read both books, you could choose Dan Brown’s latest, even if it is not very good…

Contest will close on October 12th. whether you call it Columbus Day or the Day of Indigenous Resistance or October 12th.

(Contest closed to Hugo’s or Muammar’s relatives)




















54 Responses to “First Devil’s contest on: Which movie role was Muammar Gaddafi playing in each of the following pictures?”

  1. PS I also added your RSS feed.

  2. framethedebate Says:

    My final list
    1. Charles Bronson in “Deathwish”
    2. Mark Metcalf as Doug Neidermeyer in “Animal House”
    3. Billy D. Williams as Lando Calrissian in “The Empire Strikes Back”
    4. Warren Beatty in “Bugsy” (sorry, no scareface)
    5. Kien Shih as “Hahn” in Bruce Lee classic “Enter the Dragon”
    6. Terry Kiser in “Weekend at Bernies”
    7. Robin Williams in “Birdcage”
    8. Robert De Niro in “Analyze This”
    9. Will Farrell as Mugatu in “Zoolander”
    10. Gab Kaplan in Groucho
    11. Morgan Freeman in the “Shawshank Redemption”
    12. Richard Dreyfuss in “Moon Over Parador”
    13. Benicio del Toro in “The Usual Suspects”
    14. Ben Kingsley in “Ghandi”
    Tougher than it looks and some easier than others.

  3. firepigette Says:


    I agree ! Shocking that that woman threw herself between Chavez and the mob, but you can see how she mimics him uncannily.

  4. Luis G Says:

    #6: Weekend at Bernie’s
    #9: Purple Rain (starring as Prince)

  5. Gladiator Says:

    #3 is dead on for Will Ferrel in The Producers (film version) or Maybe “Morfius” in Zoolander? I can’t decide.

  6. GWEH Says:

    a classic Chavez move to disarm a journalist is asking their name and who they work for… you see it in the video… the Fox guy was a pro who didn’t get flummoxed

  7. GWEH Says:

    Firepiggette, the translator has been with him for a long time… at least seven years. They are very close. I have seen her throw herself between Chavez and mobbing reporters as in trying to defend the leader. It’s all too obvious.

  8. GWEH Says:

    Chavez has probably slept with more than one of the women in the video. I say this knowing the women he slept with in his earlier years in power from Disip gossip. Blanca, Eva and the translator more than fit the bill.

  9. liz Says:

    Hi Miguel, great pics!!! amazing how the man loves to wear customes. And what about that jet black hair??? LOL

  10. firepigette Says:

    Amazing how on the video one can see that the woman translator( who is excellent in some ways) not only translates the words of Chavez but also simultaneously takes on his persona in a nonverbal way.First time I see that so clearly on video.I think this illustrates( brilliantly) how a ” charismatic” or strongly self centered person unconsciously and automatically influences a weak willed and equally unconscious person,to take on his characteristics and attitudes.

    The same process in a more diffuse way when hoards of people automatically take on the idea that people from FOX news are stupid.For Chavez they have to be, after all FOX news was perhaps the quickest in exposing his game.

  11. Kepler Says:

    Gweh, great video. I am going to snatch it and put it in my blog as well.

  12. GWEH

    Fascinating video. Clearly the only one that knew it was bad to let Chavez with FOX was Eva. She has at least that much common sense.

    Was this passed in FOX news?

  13. #4 Scarface

    #5, 6 and 7, La Cage aux Folles, any of its adaptations

    #8 The Girl from Ipanema (it was made a movie also, no?)

    #9 The last king of the Scots

    #10 The bridge at San Luis Rey

    #11 Philadelphia

    #12 Tea with Mussolini

  14. Gringo Says:

    #1) The Tramp
    #2 Patton
    #3) The Great Dictator or Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS
    #4) Scarface
    # 5 TV show Golden Girls or if strictly on movie format: A Star is Born
    # 6 Che
    #7 Miami Vice
    # 8 La Cage Aux Folles.
    #9 Cannonball Run
    #10) The Godfather
    #11) Nanook of the North
    #12) The Mouse That Roared
    #13) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
    # 14) Grandma’s Boy (“Now my grandmother is a typical white woman”)

  15. GB Says:

    That clip shows the real Chavez.

  16. GB Says:

    #4 “Say hello to my little cape!”

  17. torres Says:

    Sept 2009
    Chávez impone a Gadafi el collar de la Orden del Libertador

  18. Barqui Says:

    i think gaddafi and arafat had one thing in common. Los dos son maricos.

  19. RWG Says:

    #14 is from the chick flick “Obama touches Mugabe’s First Wife”

    I tell you what, there is a limit to what even Obama will touch. Chavez, on the other hand, will kiss anything.

  20. Deanna Says:

    Oh, c’mon, James Earl Jones is more majestic in that movie that Ghadaffi is in picture #14.

  21. An Interested Observer Says:

    Oustanding pictures! I never realized he was that cartoonish. Not movie characters, but #1 makes me think of Carlos Santana, . Imagine that the sword is a guitar that he just gave Hugo. #9 Bono – except for the bars, of course.

    #2 is Alec Guinness in Bridge Over the River Kwai (wrong uniform, of course, but it looks like Q is trying to act like Sir Alec would). #10 looks like Ben Kingsley .

    I vote for those who said Birdcage, Usual Suspects, Moon over Parador, Analyze This and Bugsy.

  22. Alex Dalmady Says:

    #14 James Earl Jones – “Coming to America”

  23. No Books needed Says:

    I don’t know about movies, but in #2 he looks like Will from Will and Grace (Eric McCormack). In #3 he looks exactly like Will Ferrell with an afro. In #6 he looks like Truman Capote in Murder by Death. And in #11 he’s pretending to be Genghis Khan.

    and @GWEH:
    Courtney Love (A.K.A., Kurt Cobain’s widow) is a mantis. So maybe it’s a good thing she set her eyes on Hugolin.

  24. framethedebate Says:

    Deanna,,,,Benicio Del Toro played the character of Fred Fenster in “The Usual Suspects.”

  25. framethedebate Says:

    This is a real stretch because the wardrobe worn in the picture doesn’t match. That said, I don’t think it requires dropping acid to see the face in picture 9 looks like Walter Matthau as Mr. Wilson in “Dennis the Menace.”

  26. framethedebate Says:

    no. 1 is Charles Bronson in Deathwish. I do not remember seeing him use a sword in the movie.

  27. Pixar Says:

    Got an email address? I’d like to send you something. (moctavio)

  28. GWEH Says:


    Hugo is now making his moves on Courtney Love… she is coming to visit him… how sweet.

    I don’t think Hugo can keep up with Courtney in bed!

  29. RWG Says:

    #6 is clearly Dustin Hoffman doing his qadaffi impression

  30. jsb Says:

    #4 is Scarface.

  31. gdesanctis Says:

    I know its not a movie but Sonny Crocket from Miami Vice in number 5?

  32. FC Says:

    I find it interesting how “smaller” nations get their “revenge” on bigger ones with soccer matches (how did I get here? Diego Maradona reference). Argentina vs England and Iran vs US. It’s pathetic.

    @frame the debate: #3? Don’t you mean #4, the one with the cape?

    #8 Robert de Niro, Analyze This (or That, don’t remember which one had the beach scene, I think it was the first one).

  33. GWEH Says:


    Right after his UN speech Chavez got a little huffy with a Fox News reporter. Over his left shoulder (to your right), visible in the gap between him and his interpreter, you will see Eva Golinger in the background. Watch her body language as she gets agitated about what is going on. Over his right shoulder (your left) and in the background is his ever-present female aide de camp. Toward the end you will briefly see Blanca Eekhout step in from the left edge of the picture. All three are obviously acting as his handlers and one of these ladies must have been tapping him from behind suggesting he had better cut it off and move on.

  34. Deanna Says:

    Now that I look at these pictures again, there is another similarity between Chavez and Ghadaffi (besides being both ugly) and it’s that they like wearing clothes that call attention to nationality. This does not necessarily mean that Ghadaffi should not be wearing his African clothes (which to me are quite attractive–I wear them all the time), but the shirts with African stamped all over or the continent of Africa patch on his other clothes is just too much. Chavez does a similar thing by wearing his jacket made out of the Venezuelan flag. These things are so meaningless and actually demean the country (continent).

  35. RWG Says:

    Qadaffi has fake military honor bars on in numbers 2 ,9, 12, and 13. Just the thing for the complete fake man.

    In #1, Qadaffi must be laughing his behind off thinking of how stupid Chavez is to honor a violent dictator who doesn’t care about Venezuela.

  36. bruni Says:

    “First you need to learn how to count: There are THREE books, not two. If you can’t count to three, you cant get 14 pictures right”

    Well, Miguel, I must say that this statement does not present a logical reasoning. Which, BTW we usually associate (maybe wrongly so) to former experimental physicists.

    According to that sentence, a cognitive function such as associating a visual image with another visual image should be related to the ability of counting to three. In my view, such a statement is incorrect. We can prove it by a counter-example. Some amazonian indians do not have the ability to count to three, having a very rudimental numerical system of only two numbers. Nevertheless, some of the most beautiful, and intricate indian baskets with complex geometric forms are made by those tribes. This mean that even tough they do not have the ability to count in our numerical system, they do possess the cognitive abilities to recognize and repeat complex basket patterns, thus refuting your above mentioned statement.

  37. GWEH Says:

    I would compare the PAA bombing more to South Korean Air 858 bombing by DPRK agents of Kim Jong-Il: two sitting heads of state ordering/approving bombing of aircraft full of civilians in retaliaton or attempt to destabilize another country.

    I don’t believe for a moment that Posada and gang meant to kill those innocent civilians … that is the big difference. Nonetheless, Posada is guilty and I am not defending his actions. But his buddies in this got passes and to see country governments and people go after Posada alone shows how screwed up things are.

  38. GWEH Says:

    Miguel, that is sword #2 that Chavez gives him… the first was years ago in Libya and received little if no press… it was repeated this time for the bigger photo opp.

    BTW, to clarify a few things on Posada: the bomb was supposed to go off while the plane was empty on the tarmac – the timer malfunctioned. While Posada and Bosch where fingered as intellectual authors, there were two other guys involved who actually placed the bomb. One is/was a USG agent and ran US counternarcotics ops in Venezuela at the time Chavez came into power… the gringos spirited him out of Venezuela when Chavez became president. That case had/has a lot of twists but it was the Copeyanos that sprung Posada. Some say it was under duress as Posada’s Cuban allies in Miami threatened the Venezuelans with blowing up Venezuelan airliners if Posada was not released… this happened in a meeting a the Miami Omni Hotel in the presence of USG… a Venezuelan air force general friend of mine (deceased) was there.

  39. Deanna Says:

    These pictures remind me more of “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” (unfortunately I don’t remember who starred in that)–the more crimes these dictators commit, the uglier their souls (and physical appearances) get, except in the case of Ghadaffi and Chavez, they don’t actually have portraits (they have photographs) that reflect the ugliness. I don’t remember that Benecio del Toro was in the “Usual Suspects”!!!

  40. GeronL Says:


    In the furry hat. Maybe he was playing the prison chief in Gulag Archipelago

  41. GeronL Says:


    Red Skelton as the bum he liked to play

  42. framethedebate Says:

    Picture 10 Gab Kaplan in “Groucho”

  43. framethedebate Says:

    That was Empire Strikes Back. Lost focus for a moment.

  44. framethedebate Says:

    Picture 3. Your going to love this one! Billy D Williams as Lando Calrissian in STAR WARS “Empreror Strikes Back.”

  45. framethedebate Says:

    PIC 4 Scareface,,,really? Did you see Warren Beatty in “Bugsy?” They could practically be twins!

  46. GB Says:

    #1 Taxi Driver (apologies to Robert Dinero)
    #5 and #14 Coming to America (apologies to Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall)
    #4 Scarface with a cape (sorry to Al Pachino)
    #11 Strange Brew (big apology eh to Bob and Doug McKenzie…and all Canadians)
    #7 (yep, I have to agree) The Bird Cage (a stand-in for Robin Williams)

  47. moctavio Says:

    First you need to learn how to count: There are THREE books, not two. If you can’t count to three, you cant get 14 pictures right

  48. bruni Says:

    I protest this contest. What if one has already read both books? What type of rules are that?

  49. ktaven Says:

    Why are all of the socialist and communist dictators so ugly? Hideous might be a better word!

  50. framethedebate Says:

    No 12 is Richard Dreyfuss in “Moon Over Parador.”

  51. framethedebate Says:

    No 4 is Warren Beatty in “Bugsy.” No 6 is the guy who gets his fingers cut off by Danzel Washington in “Man on Fire.”

  52. moctavio Says:

    Here in the comments, so everyone can read them and then accuse me of fraud

  53. framethedebate Says:

    No. 7 is Robin Williams in the “Birdcage.” 13 is Benicio del toro in the “Usual Suspects.” 14 is Ben Kingsley in “Ghandi.” The rest will take some more thinking

  54. Pixar Says:

    Where do we send our submissions?

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