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Blameless till the end, Teflon Hugo works the crowd…

October 22, 2009

Eleven years of neglect can not replace the media show that Hugo Chavze started last week to establsih what a great job he is doing and how it is all our fault:

According to Hugo, a shower should only take three minutes. As if many Venezuelans these days could even take a shower, as water rationing has become the rule everyday. And even if Chavez suggests you get in the shower right away without waiting for the water to get hot, he seems to ignore that there are electricity problems in most of the country, so that in order to take a shower you need many things to happen. First you need to have running water, something that does not necessarily happen in the barrios, but Hugo is so out of touch he is trying to blame the people for the problem. Then, if you are lucky enough to have running water, you need to actually be getting the water before you can take a shower. Finally, with all of the blackouts, you also need the electricity to get the heater going before the water can get hot.

But Hugo should read more about how many people have running water (electricity is very common, running water is not) and not about the Ginny index that Giordani has been telling us (and him!) about. In any case, the whole issue has become a joke, everyone wondering how much you can sing in three minutes and shower and get cleaned without being stinky (hediondo) at the end. That is why #3minutes has become such a popular topic in Twitter (that CIA tool according to Golinger , la Novia de de Venezuela)

Meanwhile, everyone wonders whether soon the name will be changed to XXIst. Century Communism, as Hugo clearly says that long showers or jacuzzis have no place in communism. Because he must think that the savage capitalism with Government intervention that he promotes, is somehow communism. I guess you need a jacuzzi like the one he has in order to understand it all. Or staying in nice Venice hotels

Chavez realizes nobody watches VTV or TVES…

October 22, 2009

Hugo seems to be realizing so many things are screwed up here he complains about all of the TV talk shows in VTV and that nobody watches TVES which replaced RCTV (including stealing its equipment)

Hugo: Nothing works!