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Why was the Margarita Hilton nationalized?…Hugo was pissed off!

October 14, 2009

20091013_TALC1_1_1_F1Easy…because Hugo was pissed…

Chavez was pissed off, because he had to ask for “permission” from its rightful owners (Audio here), to hold his Dictators Summit there…

In his own  Dictatorial words:

“They took possession of assets like these (Read: They built it! I have no clue how to build anything, have been trying for 11 years) and they continue to earn money there from tourism and all that (Casinos!) and they try to place conditions on the revolutionary Government (Reservations? What are you talking about? Profits? Humbug!) I do not accept it! (I am a Dictator, therefore I have temper tantrums) Then I said, let’s expropriate and there it is: Expropriated. (Jeje I am powerful, no?). And I am going to change it’s name (Hugo Chavez sounds prentetious, but I can resuscitate some unknown patriot or even my grandpa, maybe Fidel or how about my horse?)

There you have it, straight from his neurons to his tongue…Hugo, the Dictator!

(Just imagine the same mental process: “Put Cedeño in jail, I like that woman, how can she be his girlfriend?”)