As the adoring crowd cheers Chavez in Copenhagen, the environmental record of the revolution is abysmal

December 20, 2009

You have to wonder how stupid people can be to cheer Hugo Chavez in Copenhagen telling them about saving the planet. If any Government has been completely negligent about the environment it has been the Chavez revolution, which has subsidized both gasoline prices and cheap cars for the rich. Gasoline remains at 4.4 US$ cents per liter at the official rate of exchange, 1.6 US$ cents at the swap parallel rate(For those that use gallons, we are talking 6.1  US$ cents at the parallel rate per gallon or 16.6 US$ cents at the impossible to get official rate), a suicidal subsidy to the well to do, which only encourages waste, emissions and more damage to the environment.

But give credit to the silly and idiotic left, that can make heroes out of Chavez in an environmental conference or Mugabe at a Human Rights Forum.

As Juan in Caracas Chronicles put it (or in the new website)
“This gasp-inducing pileup of ironies and contradictions can only be interpreted as a joke. Hugo Chávez came into the global warming summit and made a big hot mess of it. Thankfully, at least some of the world’s newspapers took note and shunned him.

The rest of the delegates – at least the ones looking for progress on this issue – should do the same.”

And Juan almost covered everything when he published the data showing how Venezuela happens to be the largest emitter per capita of CO2 in Latin America, just so that there are now doubts about Hugo’s non-green credentials. Because this was not always this way. In the 70’s physicist Freeman Dyson’s studies on CO2 emissions in the world (looking for a link) showed Venezuela to be one of the few countries reducing net emissions via the CONARE project, a reforestation project which planted billions of pine trees, which in some cases covered 60-70% of some states (I had not even heard of CONARE recently)

And to complete the demonstration of the non-green nature of the Chavez non-revolution, this data taken from here (Thanks to @jesuspi for providing it via Twitter):

Venezuela’s emissions are not only increasing, but the country had the HIGHEST rate of increase not only in the region, but in the whole world, with a 14.2% increase between 2006 and 2007. In the region Venezuela almost TRIPLES the increase of Argentina which was second.

So, add the environment to Venezuela’s record breaking statistics in crime. In the case of crime, it is suffered mostly by the poor, where homicides concentrate, in the case of emissions, it is suffered equally by all via pollution, but it is all done to subsidize the well to do, in another bizarre and contradictory aspect of this strange revolution.

And the fanatics and idolizers cheer on, as the Venezuelan people suffer the consequences of the abysmal environmental record of the Chavez revolution.

14 Responses to “As the adoring crowd cheers Chavez in Copenhagen, the environmental record of the revolution is abysmal”

  1. Martin Says:

    Miguel: Actually I wasn’t talking about you reporting on everything Chavez says, but the big news media giving him undeserved space and attention. As for you, you are allowed to; it’s almost part of your job description, ain’t it?

  2. moctavio Says:

    I am not reporting on what he says, I am reporting on the cynical attitude he has about talking about something he does not do anything about.

  3. Kolya Says:

    Somewhat off topic: M Astera, are you sure it was Amy Goodman? Or are you sure it was NPR? Amy Goodman’s program is broadcasted by Pacifica Radion, NOT by NPR. There is a huge difference between NPR and Pacifica.

  4. Martin Says:

    Climate change is a serious business; the world as a whole is procrastinating; the stupid squabbles that are going on are the fault of everybody, rich and poor alike. I am personally rapidly losing hope that humanity is going to be able to do anything about this problem. on the other hand Chavez, Morales, Castro are jokers, just a predictable clownish sideshow to the main proceedings…I wish the big news media would simply ignore them; let the kids who want to watch them go off and do so and applaud to their heart’s content, but please don’t get them confused with the main event and cloud it with their drivel; it is far too important for that. The same goes for all Chavez’s verbal diarrhea; it really is time to stop reporting every litle bit of trash that comes out of his mouth as if it were newsworthy.

  5. m_astera Says:

    I read an interview with Evo Morales at the COP15, done by Amy Goodman of US “public” radio’s NPR.


    “Capitalism bad, Bolivian government good. Capitalists should give us trillions of dollars for the harm they have caused. Those who accuse Bolivian government of being against labor unions are lying. Trillions, the capitalists owe us TRILLIONS!”

    Miguel, was it you or Daniel D who wrote a while back that Morales blamed the capitalists for everything but his bad haircut? 🙂

    As for the carbon trading scam, should it actually happen, do you suppose that the World Bank would take the Venezuelan government’s word for how much CO2 they are emitting?

  6. GAC Says:

    excellent job CC and Devil’s Poop. One of the most devastating posts and comments I have seen. PSFs temblad!

  7. Roger Says:

    Considering these numbers are provided by the Venezuelan Government. Well Id like to see the Venezuelan raw data. LOL

  8. GB Says:

    In the 10 years I’ve lived in PLC, I can literally see the poor air quality. The smog/haze had increased dramatically since 2003 (since the PDVSA strike).

  9. Pelao Manrique Says:

    I have been following the discussion of this issue in Caracas Chronciles 2.0. Because I could not find the original source of the data mentioned on Juan Cristobal’s post, I looked for it on my own. This link has the data.
    Do notice, however, that Venezuela’s emissions are essentially flat since 1990. So, I would not get toox cited about the 14% increase Miguel mentions.

    On the other hand, it is indeed the height of hypocrisy for Chavez to point the finger at anyone since we do have the highest levels of emissions in Latin America, regardless of the reasons. Clearly, the emperor has no clothes.

  10. […] is a hero of the Climate Cult revolution.  Chavez epitomizes what AGW prevention is all about.  More from The Devil’s Excrement [that's oil] blog: You have to wonder how stupid people can be to cheer Hugo Chavez in Copenhagen telling them about […]

  11. Roger Says:

    I don’t know about Socialists but most of that came from the corruptos of the world drooling over all that capitalist money to be thrown around. Also, PDVSA the fifth largest oil company in the world, gives Chavez a big problem unless Bolivarian Emissions are different. Heavy Oil production makes a lot of CO2 to heat the tar not to mention the inefficient methods used. That has been a major issue here with Oil Shale from the onset twenty years ago. In short Venezuela may be a buyer of CO2 credits not a receiver.

  12. Roberto Says:


    Initially, my father’s company made 10 million bags to hold the seedlings of the trees you see outside Maturin.

    Eventually, 30 million bags were furnished for planting these pines, which were to be used as a renewable source of newsprint and paper, eliminating the need to import newsprint. Alas, like many well intentioned projects it only went halfway!

  13. bruni Says:

    Show a picture of a Caracas traffic jam…one image is worth a thousand words.

  14. Robert Says:

    It really is a shame that these facts are not highlighted by the MSM during the conference. Hugo should have been called on his “capitalist caused global warming” crock. He and his commie buddies are the worse con

    I wonder if the Conare project explains all those out of place looking pine trees planted in rows in the Morichal area outside Maturin?

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