A post about nothing…or is it?

December 22, 2009

Churum Meru: Another great Chavez project

This is the slow season of the year. Politicians go away and not much happens in Venezuela, except that Chavez does stay. But if he can merge together three failed banks due to the negligence of his administration, put them together with another Government Bank, rename it Bicentenario and have a nationwide televised address to hail the opening of the new Government bank, I can write a Seinfeld post, a post about nothing. Or is it?

I mean, he had another “Cadena” today, because the Government bought a storefront from a fast food chicken franchise, they repainted it and opened a “Socialist Arepera” whatever the Hell that means other than arepas are cheap, for now…Because in a couple of months the Government is going to forget that Chavez liked this project and these guys are going to either have to increase prices or shut down. Of course nobody noted that the “cheap” Bs. 5 arepa, buys you over 50 liters of gasoline in revolutionary Venezuela, but who was asking anyway? Now, that gas is really cheap!!! Ask anyone in the world, even in Nigeria. Pass the arepas…

But the best news was that the Head of the Consumer Protection Agency (Indepabis) Saman, said he would work for free four  hours a week at the Socialist Arepera. Well, good for him, Saman is another one of these Chavez fanatics, who before Chavez discovered him who knows where, paid no income or social security taxes, so now, at last he will do an honest day’s work, even if only four hours a week. Well, he has to start somewhere like everyone even if he is past forty, no?

And in another Chavista strategy of let’s attack the effect, rather than the cause, shopping centers will only be provided with electricity from 11 AM to 9 PM to save energy, killing movie theaters late at night. I do wonder what will happen to my place of work, which is in a shopping mall, how do you distinguish electrons going to the shopping area or to the offices? At the same time, being a night owl, would love to get in at 11 AM every day, but I bet this is just wishful thinking.

And I am sure than in a couple of months we will see Chavez inaugurating the military bridge to replace that one between Merida and Tachira that collapsed today. It will be another wonderful testimony to the inability of the revolution to plan anything or do anything before there is a problem.

But, of course, the Minister of Public Works and Housing is more concerned about establishing rules such that RCTV, whose license was illegally revoked in 2007, will be forced to carry Chavez’ nationwide speeches like today with its limited cable programming, rather than being concerned with falling bridges or housing or public works. The new rule is simple, if you carry more than 70% of programming made in Venezuela, you have to provide Chavez’ speeches I am sure that if RCTV had 60% of its programming made in Venezuela, the rule would be different. Or 45%.

Oh yeah, and according to today’s El Nacional, if you had money in any of the “refloated” banks, Confederado, Bolivar or Central, you could not take more than Bs. 2,000 out yesterday (About US$ 300 at the parallel rate). I have not been able to confirm this information, fortunately I only had Bs. 1,000 at one of these intervened banks and owed more than that in my credit card, which I promptly paid today.

But to give you some good news and make the post about something, Daniel of Venezuelan News and Views is back! Read his story carefully, he made it, he survived, but he could have easily have not, because he happens to be middle class and informed, he was transported to Caracas and given some of the best care available in the land. He is in the minority. He made it. But dengue fever is here to stay and to kill many Venezuelans every month, but it is given the same priority as crime: as long as Globovision does not report on it, nobody will know what is happening. Just the way Chavez wants it. Same as the strikes that take place daily, the protests that take place daily, the press conferences that take place daily. Soon, none of it will be happening, as the Government shuts down Globovision and thus, no dengue, no strikes, no protests.

And soon RCTV will be forced to carry Chavez live, direct from the top of Angel’s Falls as he announces the reopening and renaming of the waterfall to its rightful Indian name Churum Meru.

Thanks God there is a water shortage, otherwise he may decide to add water to Angel Falls to make it look prettier.

A post about nothing, just another boring day in the Chavez revolution.


49 Responses to “A post about nothing…or is it?”

  1. Kepler Says:


    My take: Hugo of Sabaneta should not be meddling with toponyms, it is not his business.

    Now, there was no Valencia, no Venezuela and no Colombia before.
    Those are abstract concepts as opposed to the actual mountain chains, to the Llanos, to the Orinoco. There were emerging states among the caribs, the Arawaks, etc.

    Valencia was called Valencia when it was funded (before there was nothing there, there were indian settlements around the Lake, on the South, on the north, but no real village)
    Venezuela was no unity, it was not well defined for a long time, same with colombia.

    There is a difference between a class (like “tigers”, “dogs”, “country”) and an instance (like “Fido” or “Laika” or “Liechtenstein”) and
    and there were some instances that are “instantiation” of a concept that did not exist before, like the concept of Venezuela or Valencia.

    We still can rename absolutely anything, including those instances (remember St. Petersbourg -> Leningrad -> St. Petersbourg, Kristiania -> Áslo -> Oslo -> (K|C)ristiania -> Oslo
    but usually we do it because there was a break to something.

    In Venezuela it just happens that we have indeed forgotten our heritage, our Spanish, our native American and our African heritage.

    It is not about listening to African drums or painting feathers everywhere as chavistas do now. It is about using, recovering our traditions. And the Indian one has suffered the most.

    I hope Venezuela does not turn completely into a mall with English names.

  2. What should Colombia be called?

    What should Venezuela be called?

    What should Valencia be called?

  3. OA2 Says:

    I apologize for calling m_astera an idiot. That is to say, I apologize to the global idiot community for the insult of including m_astera as one of them. He/she has a long way to rise to reach the level of idiot.

  4. OA2 Says:

    M_astera, you are an idiot.

  5. m_astera Says:

    I didn’t say anything about sexual orientation or gays, now did I?

    So thanks for proving my point.

  6. REMD Says:

    The native indian’s name of “Angel’s Falls” is “Kerepakupai Meru” and not “Churun Meru”.

    Churun Meru is the name of a different water fall. I learned this in a recent (Nov 2009) trip the this wonderful place.

    We have been taught the wrong name (or names) for decades.

    PS: For those interested in learning the way Doctors’ think, please read the book “How Doctors’ think” from Dr. Groopman

  7. OA2

    I understand your reaction to prejudice, of course. But the point I made is that we can often simplify things a lot before getting on the ethical and such issues. That is, unprofessionalism was enough to pan the doctor who saw you.

    To give you another example, my noted opposition to Chavez is nothing personal, it was established as early as 1992 because Chavez was an incompetent, failed military. Nothing good ever could come out of that as history as clearly shown us. Debates about the merits of Barrio Adentro or ALBA become thus almost irrelevant. That is why PSF hate me so much, I can be quite a Liberal and I have yet a perfectly established anti Chavez argument and thus they can never find a chink where to drill 🙂

  8. OA2 Says:

    FoxtrotCharlie– thanks, and I look forward to confirmation of your opinion of Bruni’s and Kepler’s attitudes towards members of the GLBT community. I did make a leap, but honestly, confronted with the absurdity of defending a doctor’s presumption of HIV status over a simple test because I am gay, well, perhaps “hate” was also too presumptive. I am not at ALL convinced it was, but I will allow for the possibility.

  9. FoxtrotCharlie Says:

    Both Miguel and OA2 are right. Bruni and Kepler, you should know better.
    As Miguel pointed out, Dengue and similar diseases were FAR more likely Diagnoses than HIV. There’s no way that Doctor could rationalize AIDS being the cause and without testing for it.

    One thing I will say though OA2, that “oops you’re hate is showing” was uncalled for. That’s a very big assumption you’re making there. Both Bruni and Kepler have a good track record in the blogosphere. It would have to take far more than citing medical probabilities to make me believe they hate homosexuals.

  10. OA2 Says:

    thanks so much for being able to express the issue in a more rational, less impassioned fashion than I am. The sheer scope of misinformation and ignorance a gay person has to face daily really riles me, hence my OT tirades. I made a conscious decision to no longer participate in polite discussions about my civil or human rights. It is not a topic which civilized people can agree to disagree about.

    Jamaica not only produces some of the most cruel violence against gays, the U.S. and European music industries have given awards to Jamaican musicians for songs extolling beating, killing and burning gays alive. Must be the THC-saturated, laid back “riddims, mon”. (for instance the global hit “Boom Bye Bye” from Baju Banton with lyrics that included “faggots have to die” and he [Banton] will “shoot them in the head” or “burn them.”

    Banton’s hostility towards the gay community isn’t limited to posturing in his lyrics. In 2004, Banton was part of a posse that forced entry into a home near his recording studio and beat six men believed to be gay. One of the victims lost an eye in the attack. In spite of overwhelming evidence, charges were dropped against the reggae star.

    WORDS HAVE MEANING and complacency when faced with hate speech encourages violence. The equation is as old as speech. Which is why idiotic comments calling gays who speak up in our own defense “whiny people whose entire existence is centered on their sexual habits and who expect everyone else to care” bring out the militant in me. From any rational perspective, it seems that–for whatever bizarre, prurient reasons–lots of people already DO care about my sexual orientation (which ignoramuses like m_astera confuse with sexual “habits”), and many of them want to kill me for it, or rob me of my civil and human rights. Believe me, if shallow, hallow, bigots like m_astera were being attacked around the world, his/her civil rights, freedom, and life were debated in the government because he/she was born left-handed, had an “undesirable” skin color, had short stature, had green eyes, or any number of born-with traits, then he/she/it would be “whining” too. Gays didn’t start this fight, but we sure are going to fight back, every. single. goddam. time. idiotic and hateful comments are made.

    Bringing it back to the topic of Venezuela, this naming of a group of citizens as “others,” as less deserving of laws, protections, rights, is dangerous, whatever form it takes, whoever is identified at the “other.” It’s happening now in Venezuela, which is why whiny people whose entire existence is centered on their political habits and who expect everyone else to care, participate in terrific forums like this blog.

  11. moctavio Says:

    I agree with OA2 that the Doctors behavior was appalling. First, just because somebody is gay, it does not mean that fainting is due to AIDS, in fact AIDS has many manifestations which are due to the lack of immunity and few show up over night, a Doctor should know that. Second, it is irresponsible and temerary (?) to make such a serious diagnosis on the fly, when a simple test will tell you the truth. Finally, given that dengue is and has been so common in Venezuela and the fact that this disease does produce sudden symptoms should have made her think twice about it. Dengue was a far more likely possibility than AIDS.

  12. Lou Says:

    OA2: what about Jamaica? the only country in the Western Hemisphere where gays are persecuted and killed just for being gay. USA is full of gay and lesbian Jamaican’s who come here seeking asylum because of their sexual orientation.

    And today Cuba, which once discriminated against gays (and still does), provides free sex-change operations thanks to Fidel’s daughter … go figure.

    Unfortunately for Chavez, none of his kids amounted to anything special (no higher learning) except for the one daughter who made fame in a porno videotape (Microstar case). I’m all over the board on this one but the point is that the kids also influence the parents like

  13. island canuck Says:

    By the way a Whopper sells for around BsF.30 which would mean that it is US$14 here in Margarita at the “official” without fries or drink.

  14. island canuck Says:

    “5 Bs. for an arepa that’s 2.50USD at the official rate or a Whopper more or less .”

    No one, but no one believes that the “official” rate is real. Think in terms of a BsF.5 being around US$0.90.

    90% of the prices in the country are based on the real rate. If not then a Toyota Land Cruiser would be worth around US$100,000.

  15. OA2 Says:

    Daniel thank you for weighing in, and while you’re right about the unprofessional behavior of the doctor, it is also true that ignorance and prejudice play *the* major role in all of this. Forgive me, but I’m sort of militant on the subject.


    Here’s why i care, and why standing up to prejudiced bullshit is important: it’s dangerous NOT to. Right now, today, in Uganda, the parliament is debating whether to implement the death penalty for hiv+ homosexuals, life sentences for other gays and lesbians, and prison sentences for anyone who doesn’t report a homosexual. The proposed law would even try to have other countries deport Ugandan gays and lesbians back to Uganda to stand trial.

    I’d rather speak up in protest now–politely at first, then not so much–in response to comments like the one that casually equates being gay to the disease of alcoholism (or any of the other unrelentingly narrow comments expressed in this thread), than allow someone to vote on my life or death, and that’s what comes next.

    Am I whining? What about this:

    Venezuela allowed the Bolivarian Revolution to blossom, now look at the mess. Is it so hard to imagine that a bloodbath purge like the one that’s being debated in Uganda could happen in rojo-rojito Venezuela? But it wouldn’t be the gays this time, it would be the escualidos…los ricos…los oligarcas…los malditos apatridos, hay que eliminarlos… Is it so hard to imagine?

    Mindless brutal persecution and repression takes hold when people like me are complacent about letting–forgive me–people like you spew stupid, hateful, inexcusably offensive nonsense about us.

    I think I’d rather speak up now. Seems better to nip it in the bud.

  16. liz Says:

    Chavez says now that we misunderstood him… LOL! the man is unbelievable! http://www.noticias24.com/actualidad/noticia/132168/chavez-dice-que-no-decreto-el-cambio-de-nombre-del-salto-angel/

    Kepler, I meant the Angel Falls to be called ‘los animalitos de la selva’, as the animals were the first ones to see the falls (a small joke that didn’t work)

  17. Roger Says:

    Hold the Polar! I forgot to mention that when the Soviet Union fell, what most Russians lamented the most was ” the FREE loaf of Black Bread that each was entitled to every day”! This is not even close Si?

  18. OA2, Bruni and Kepler

    I am not sure what you are really discussing about, but the doctor that treated OA2 made a major mistake: an HIV diagnosis IS NOT something you announce while you scribble on a paper pad. Such announcements must be made with closed doors, no interruptions, in a counseling mode. And they certainly should not be announced or speculated upon unless you have the proof positive of the HIV antibodies.

    It has nothing to do with ignorance or prejudice, it is a simple matter of professional demeanor, an already inexcusable fault in 1996.

  19. Roger Says:

    5 Bs. for an arepa that’s 2.50USD at the official rate or a Whopper more or less . A lot of money for most in the third world. Question is how much for one at a road side stand and without the Llanera music ? Can you add a Polar to that too? Realy, what will that buy in basic food like rice and beans?

  20. marc in calgary Says:

    moctavio, a quick overview of “Vinland”…

    a reminder for those commenting on OA2’s status, his commentary was regarding the doctors quick assumption, sin examen, based on him having an earring. After all, did the doctor ask him regarding his sexual habits? or did the doctor ask about his sexual orientation? They’re 2 different things, and too many assumptions are taken as “things known”.
    It’s not too many steps away from a doctor assuming you are gay because you “look gay” it’s ludicrous.

  21. moses Says:

    Jimmy Angel discovered the falls in 1935, not in the 1950´s. He was searching for a Tepuy that he had seen years before, which had gold in the streams on the top …..

    See the story here:


  22. m_astera Says:

    OA2- Thanks for the reminder of why I dislike whiny people whose entire existence is centered on their sexual habits and who expect everyone else to care.

  23. Lou Says:

    OA2, “irrational prefudice and discrimination” are venezuelan virtues! you are correct yet wrong to assume that Venezuela(ns) should know despite its progessive constitution and laws. Venezuelans are in denial and will keep living in denial while the regime’s daily distractions allow time for new laws to be introduced to control society.

  24. deananash Says:

    Were the Indians calling the land the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela? Is this why Chavez changed Venezuela’s name? And doesn’t everyone still just use plain old “Venezuela” anyway? Didn’t Miss Venezuela win the Miss Universe contest, or was she the Miss Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela? So many questions, so little reason.

  25. Aristo Says:

    “Bobolución”…I love it!

  26. Well, actually, it is not Churum meru but the pemon name Kerepacupai Meru what Chavez wants to call Angel’s Fall…

  27. OA2 Says:

    sigh… it’s impossible to reason with ignorance and prejudice, good luck to you both.

  28. Kepler Says:

    I agree the doctor should have made the test and her attitude was wrong. See Bruni’s response and then consider your anger at the outlier thing.

  29. Kepler Says:

    I may be an ignorant, but I wonder what you are if you deny that those groups.
    Total numbers do not equate with higher probability.

    I am not saying those groups were equal but they were definitely over-represented in the group of AIDs AS compared to the heterosexual group for a long LONG long time.

    If you have another comparison group you establish the probabilities, they are just that.
    As Bruni said, that did not justify the doctor’s attitude, but anyone, including you, acts on estimates.

    Imagine groups x and y. Group x has 20 individuals who show feature A and group y has only 3 with feature A. Now, if group x is composed of 2000 individuals and group y of 100 individuals, what group has the higher chances having feature A, ceteris paribus?

    Never mind, everything is a complot.

  30. OA2 Says:

    And why do you both insist on citing “probabilities” as if there were no definitive medical tests to make a diagnosis. Oops, your hate is showing.

  31. OA2 Says:

    What I say Kepler is that coupling homosexuals and drug addicts as parallel conditions is an embarrassingly display of your ignorance and prejudice. Example of the appalling “logic”: The vast majority of child molesters are heterosexual, therefore are all heterosexuals are probably child molesters. What would YOU say?

  32. Kepler Says:

    I agree with Bruni.

    Homosexuals, together with drug addicts were definitely in the risk group
    even if Mother Theresa or a normal heterosexual or a child could have got it, you are denying probabilities.
    Now, if a 21 year old guy says he is being discriminated because the car insurance is more expensive for him than for someone who is 30 years old
    and he is NOT an outlier because…because he is just another human being, what would you say?

  33. OA2 Says:

    Hi Bruni.

    I can’t quite fathom what you’re trying to say, so forgive me if I misinterpret.

    First off, an HIV-negative gay man is/was not a variant or an outlier. If I understand your comment correctly, it’s pretty offensive.

    And doctors are trained to work with clinical facts, not with presumptive stereotypes; it’s what makes them doctors.

    Even in 1996, even the general population was already well educated about HIV, its transmission/prevention, and how to test for it, so there was no excuse for a doctor to have taken that position. The reason was irrational prejudice and discrimination, but a reason is not an excuse.


  34. bruni Says:

    OAS, this is not necessarely in defense of the lady doctor in 1996, but in general all doctors everywhere set out their mind into an idea and it is extremely difficult to make them change their mind. They are trained to work with the mean and with stereotypes. In general, doctors do not understand the variance and outliers do not exist in the medical profession.

  35. Kepler Says:

    read “called a month”

  36. Kepler Says:

    Oops, sorry, that is what I meant, was having problems with the adjective, it’s Turkmen

    Look here:

    From 2:40
    Sounds familiar.
    And Niyazov also called a name after his mother. What is the name of Hugo’s mother again?

  37. geha714 Says:

    Kepler: You’re refering to Saparmurat Niyazov, the ex-dictator of the former soviet republic of Turkmenistan, in Central Asia.

  38. Kepler Says:

    One of the worst things was when chavistas wanted to change the name of Valencia to Tacarigua, which is absolutely rubbish on any measure, as there was no city there with that name.

    Hugo does look more and more like this Turkish dictator who died a couple of years ago…you can find some amazing videos on Youtube. The guys in the Turkmen congress were behaving in a way that is very similar to what we see in the Asamblea Nacional these days.

  39. Kepler Says:

    I am not defending Hugo, I don’t like him regulating toponyms.
    Still, I don’t think it is the same. America had no name as a continent before because native Americans were not aware of it as a continent, as far as we know.

    The fall did have a name and I don’t think the fact others did not know about it is more relevant.

    There are some places called after Humboldt, but not after pressure from some of his family and none he ever had anything to do with; he did carry out studies on the Ávila, on the whole region from Higuerote to Valencia, from cubagua to cumana, on the Llanos, Orinoco basin, up to the Negro river. Some plants got Latin names after him, but those were in the scientific notation.

  40. bruni Says:

    When I was a graduate student, some of my classmates came from an African country and had French names. A year later some of them did not have the same names.

    When I asked how come, they said it was their goverment that had issue a decree so that everybody would have an original african name instead of the French one, and that from now on it was illegal to use the French name.

    I found that absolutely amazing. How could a goverment order such a thing? But now I am not so sure that something like that would not happen in Venezuela.

  41. Robert Says:

    And somewhere down the road Barinas state will be renamed Chavez state since they will own most of it. And they will have bought it with bolivars fuerte from the bolivarian republic. And one of the nephews will supply the materials to the socialist areperas of estado chavez.

    Makes since to me.

  42. AndyG Says:

    Dengue is no trivial matter. I had it back in 81. It was at least a month before I got back to near normal. The second time is much worse especially if you are exposed to one of the other serotypes than you first case. Like Malaria the mosquitoes that carry it are closely associated with humans. they like dirty water and disturbed areas. tire tracks with water, rubbish that holds little pockets of water, ect. They also tend to come out at dusk and like to bite ankles. The stories that my friends who have had malaria tell me makes that sound worse.

  43. Robert Says:

    Chavez has enlightened me this week. I always assumed Angel Falls was named after the heavenly type of angels since it seems to come from the heavens. I had no idea it was named after a gringo. I bet he didn’t either and I wonder who told him?

    Chavez loves to change the names of things. It seems to be one of his hobbies. I suppose if you can change the name of a country, you can change the name of any damn thing you please.

  44. Kepler Says:

    If you want 50 litres of petrol you have to pay €65 here.

    €65 allow me to pay for a standard meal for 2 with half a litre cheap but good wine in an average, very good (not posh) restaurant in Brussels.

    Venezuela, land of Grace…

  45. OA2 Says:

    Yes, it’s amazing Daniel survived. Living in Caracas in 1996, I fell suddenly and gravely ill. Felt like I had been hit by a truck. A friend took me to the same private clinic where Daniel was treated. I was quickly attended by a doctor. She was crisp, quick, articulate, and professional in her demeanor when she opened her notebook and asked me to describe my symptoms. I detailed severe body aches, fever, confusion, massive headache. She scribbled a few notes, glanced at me, and noticing my earring asked whether I was bisexual. No I told her, I’m gay. She crisply, quickly, and professionally snapped her notebook shut and declared; “Pues entonces tienes SIDA.” (Well then, you have AIDS). I thanked her for such a quick, decisive diagnosis but suggested that perhaps we could run a few tests. (there was nearly zero chance I had HIV and ZERO chance I had developed full blown AIDS in the span of a few hours. She rolled her eyes in obvious revulsion (even Venezuelan women can apparently suffer from brain-deadening machismo) and ordered the tests. She seemed disappointed that I ended up testing negative for HIV and positive for dengue. She told me I was lucky and suggested it was just a matter of time. If medical care has gone DOWN since then, Daniel is lucky to be alive.

  46. HalfEmpty Says:

    I rather like using the original name if possible… but this…

    Bs. 5 arepa, buys you over 50 liters of gasoline in revolutionary Venezuela, but who was asking anyway?

    The RoboLu will die by gross economic distortion, a death by economic Cubism.

  47. Kepler Says:

    Great review of the latest of the bobolution. I am still surprised about how little people have talked about the new laws for councils (i.e. soviets). They have just been approved on the first round, but sure they will come and they will have more consequences than most think.

    Liz, we do call them like that most of the time. chigüire is not an English name. Danta, jaguar (guaraní), mapanare, bachaco, etc are the most used words for many new classes. “serpiente”, “mono” etc are terms for general classes which were already known elsewhere, as opposed to new classes or instances.

    Still, I consider Hugo’s move very stupid, he does not have any business to tell us how to call things, specially as he does not even get the right name. Still, I personally like the Indian names for those locations.
    Still, it is true Hugo has no sense of priorities and he thinks he is Adam called to tell us how to call things.

    I hope one day Venezuelans will become more relaxed about their origins, over 60% of Venezuelans’ mitocondrias are of native American origin and over 90% of our Y-chromosome lines European, sub-Saharan spread all around and within most of us as well.

    I wonder how we will do once Hugo is gone and we have all these bloody “Bolivariano” on the name of everything. With the pathetic cult for Bolivar in Venezuela I suppose it will be hard to erradicate. But of course, the priority should go into recovering Venezuela’s economy, industry, progress in education and a million other things.

  48. liz Says:

    Thomas, I’ve have known the same joke for years… only difference: it’s a venezuelan hell, hehe.

    Miguel, Chavez said that Angels falls should be named not after Jimmy Angel, because he was just the first person to see the falls from a plane. The indians named it churumerú and ‘they’ were the first ones there.

    Using this reasoning, I guess we should call it ‘los animalitos de la selva’, as they were the first inhabitants down there 🙂

    Feliz navidad diablillo!

  49. Thomas Mohr Says:

    You don’t know what a socialist arepera is ? Maybe this joke from cold war times will enlighten you: A man from a former communist country dies and upon arriving in hell he is presented with the choice between a capitalist and a socailist hell. Without even taking a look he choses the latter. The devil asks him why he choses to continue his socialist path and he replies, look, I’m in hell, but in the socialist hell there will be one day no oil, the other no wood and if both are available, matches will be lacking.

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