Two Dictators, each one wearing the other’s uniform

April 19, 2010


2 Responses to “Two Dictators, each one wearing the other’s uniform”

  1. Tonino Bianconi Says:

    Take the money, stolen or simply appropiated, by Mr. Chavez and his 400 thieves over the past 10 years plus all the petroleum management disasters that have been publicly denounced by opposition leaders, students, journalists or simply the more knowledgeable citizens who care about Venezuela and in any oither civilized country the government would have fallen over and over.
    In addition to the growing grip that Chavez has of all the institutions there one important factor: IGNORANCE ! At least 80 % of Venezuelan are not aware of the damage caused by Chavez because no one tells them. Until that happens, forget about getting rid of the Red Devil.

  2. loroferoz Says:

    I do wonder how the PSF do get through their day swallowing this kind of imagery. And all the deeds and words that accompany the imagery.

    It’s just basic culture for persons in the XXth and XXIst. century. Watch a movie or documentary about Mussolini, or Hitler. It’s just the same imagery, and most of the same message.

    Then I realize that people of previous generations swallowed Stalin and Pol Pot, and more recently swallowed Castro in green attire. And even sang their praise.

    The troubling bit is, this is a different age. Now, right now, few people believe that totalitarian rule is the way of tomorrow, and that democracy and freedom of the individual should move aside.

    I can only reach the conclusion that the PSF separation from the fascists is mostly semantic, like that between sects of the same religion (born in 1922-24). Maybe there are differences regarding racism, religion, class-struggle and nationalism.

    But the vision is similar, enough to swallow another militaristic and corrupt fatso dressed as Mussolini would in Venezuela instead of Italy, and pouring nonsense and hate in the style, only in Spanish instead of Italian.

    And then calling themselves progressives.

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