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From curtailing freedom of speech to limiting the freedom of stating facts

June 3, 2010

(This Government has given us freedom)

This so called revolution is truly remarkable, beyond the limitations that it wants to impose on freedom of expression and/or speech, it now seems to want to impose a limit, in something we may call Freedom of Stating Facts. Yeap, in the vein of totalitarian Governments past and present, the Chavista goons  want to make sure you only talk about the facts that they want, not the ones you want.

The victim in this case is a scientist Antonio Morocoima, a researcher at the Medicine Faculty of the Universidad de Oriente, who will be investigated by the Legislature of that State for creating panic in the population.

Morocaima’s crime?

He released the information that out of the 500 bugs (triatomina or “chipos” in Spanish) he had sampled in the wild, 300 of them or 60% were carriers of Chaga’s disease via the agent Trypanosoma Cruzi. According to the genius accusing him, this created panic in the population.

You have to understand that the person denouncing Morocaima is the very Chavista Head of the Health Institute of Anzoategui State. According to the report from this Institute, there are 341 cases of Chagas’ disease in the State, all dating back 20 years. None new, through the magic of hiding the facts and not attacking or solving problems. For example, last year a six year old died of Chagas’ disease in that state and many cases reported around the country including Caracas in recent weeks.

I guess that the hope is that just like economic problems, they will go away, or disappear until after the 2012 elections, or maybe even blame it on El Niño. But until then, they will prohibit not only you from expressing your opinion, but from stating facts.

It’s all for the “common” good, i.e. Hugo Chavez staying in power, you know…