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Venezuela’s rotten “humanitarian” aid to Haiti

June 16, 2010

(We are with Chavez, you better eat the rotten food. Kid: I don’t want to)

When you think you have heard enough, the headline shows that the Dominican Republic sent back a Venezuelan ship with rotten food which Venezuela sent to Haiti as “humanitarian” aid. The ship arrived in Venezuela on June 6th. and has been sitting there with all of its 39 Tons of spoiled food.

Thus, this happened ten days ago and the Government knew about it, but has done nothing about it. Who was the “humanitarian” in Government that decided to do this gesture? Who organized this shipment? Who financed it? Who paid for the ship? Where did the food come from?

Those would be normal (and moral!) questions that in any country with checks and balances and the rule of law, the Government would be asking. This case has corruption, incompetence, misuse of funds and inhumanity all rolled into one. (And I suspect some discrimination too)

Instead we get total silence from Chavez on down. Where is the Comptroller? The Prosecutor? The People’s Defender? (Yes, Haitians should be protected from amoral Venezuelans). If Chavez were against corruption and felt for the people of Haiti and the people of Venezuela he should be calling for the jailing of whatever chain of command did this, whomever it may take down. Instead Chavez defends those responsible for 82,000 Tons of rotten food in Venezuela, calls it a “small” amount, with his total disregard for human life and dignity. And these people are ripping off Venezuela right and left.It’s all about corruption in the end.

Every time I think I have heard enough bizarre stories in Chavez-land, the incredible ability of the “robolution” surprises me once again.

It also shames me.

Hugo in the Sky with Diamonds

June 16, 2010