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The cynical words of the brainless defenders of the Venezuelan Bolivarian robolution

June 8, 2010

(We have very violent neighbors)

Heard around the inconsistent and cynical revolution:

Francisco Arias Cardenas (Vice-Minister for Latin-America and the Caribbean): “I reject coup d’etats to overthrow Constitutional Governments”

Well said Pancho, but can you explain to us why you led a coup against a Constitutionally elected Government in 1992? What made that justified?

Roy Chaderton(Venezuelan Ambassador to the OAS): “Venezuela rejects an arms race, militarism and war”

Well said Roy, but can you explain why Venezuela has been on a spending spree buying weapons? Or why it is that this is the most militaristic Government in the country’ modern history, presided by a guy who likes to dress up at any excuse with full military garb and weapons? Or threaten us, Venezuelans who oppose him with violence and weapons at every turn? Or how about the fact that your leader is the only Latin-American leader to threaten war or intervention in Latin America since he got elected? Roy, has your mind been stumped so badly or you just don’t want to come back and live here anymore?

Aristobulo Isturiz, former everything, including being simpatico: “The revolution is saving the country?

Jeez, Aristobulo, where should I start? From cynics like you? No

From crime? No.

From corruption? No

From the whims of Chavez? No

From Dictatorship? No

From the robolution? No

From destroying production? No

From Incompetence? No

From Ignorance? No

From selling the country? No

Ari? Should I continue or have you had enough?

Wait! Wait! From our food going putrid, because the Government just does not care? No

Carlos Escarra, Deputy of National Assembly (PSUV): “We will continue investigating the rotten food”

Carlos, Carlos, don’t exaggerate, Chavez already has exonerated Ramirez, who is in charge and you will never dare touch him unless Hugo says go ahead. Pulido may be charged, but it will not go beyond that, look at the attitude of the Presidentica of PDVAL already:

“There is a dirty war against PDVAL”

No Carlos, there is no dirty war against PDVAL, there is a putrid leadership, putrid food, putrid attitude, putrid Deputies, putrid Justice system, putrid management, putrid acceptance of a Dictatorship and a putrid revolution at heart who cares little about Venezuelans and lots about the Dictator from Sabaneta. Your brain, like Roy’s must have a short circuit or an illness, you were once considered intelligence and smart. But you lost it all, including the respect of your friends and family.