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Prosecutor follows Chavez’ command, orders Globovision owner jailed

June 12, 2010

(To those that complain, I remind them that there is Justice here)

A few days ago, Hugo Chavez said in no uncertain terms:

“Guillermo Zuloaga (The President of TV station Globovision) said that I ordered the killing of people and he is still free. This only happens in this country…This should not stay this way…I will not sue against a bourgeois, but there is a system that should put things in their place.”

Never mind that Zuloaga was referring to a true fact, when Chavez tried to unleash Plan Avila against a peaceful march in April 2002, which has been ratified by the Generals that refused to accept that order. Plan Avila was the same plan activated in 1989 by Carlos Andres Perez, a military plan sharply criticized by international organizations as repressive and designed to violate human rights. The activation of the plan in 1989 led to over 200 people being killed. There were over 20 killed and almost 200 injured on that day even if the Chavez’ order was never followed.

Never mind that Zuloaga made the statement outside of Venezuela, where Venezuelan law does not apply. He was investigated and freed on those charges after the Prosecutor barred him from leaving the country in early April.

So, yesterday, the ineffable Prosecutor Luisa Ortega revives charges against Zuloaga and his son for usury and “conspiracy” in the case of a car distributor that Zuloaga is part owner of and in which the Government accused him of “hoarding” the cars because they were being held in the parking lot of a house owned by Zuloaga.

Thus, the Prosecutor, a figure supposed to be independent, but who nobody believes is by now, orders Zuloaga captured, with which Globovision is left with no visible head after Alberto Federico Ravell was let go under pressure by the Government, closing in this way another chapter of censorship and limitation of the right to free speech.

Chavez should be obviously very pleased and Oswaldo Alvarez Paz quite worried, as Chavez made a similar request against him a few days ago.

Another chapter in the consolidation of this Dictatorship, which persecutes anyone that opposes it at its convenience, from butchers to the media.

Who will be next? Well, my bet is that when the new foreign exchange “market” fails in a couple of months and shortages become widespread, the banking system and the food division of Polar will be nationalized for blocking the path of the revolution.

And the stupid cheerleaders of the robolution will celebrate the continued destruction of Venezuela by this band of ignorant and resentful revolutionaries who still have no clue as to dimension of the destruction taking place.