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The Devil Has Been Wikileaked

December 1, 2010

In the latest news from the wikileak, it turns out that the Devil itself has now been wikileaked for telling the US Embassy’s “Econoffs“, exactly what I have said publicly in my blog many times (like, for example, here) that Venezuela does not have the scientific capabilities to do a nuclear program. In fact. I am blunter in my blog than I show up in the wikileak, in the blog I say:

“I can not take Chavez’ nuclear program very seriously, beyond the exhibitionist aspects of it”


“To do anything in the nuclear field, you need people and very simply, Venezuela does not have them. It would take years for Venezuela to put together a group of nuclear scientists to perform a small project whether peaceful or not. Unfortunately, educating high level people like that has not been and is not a priority right now and there is no local talent available to even begin doing it locally. The Venezuelan science establishment is getting old and in nuclear physics in particular, the people I know of are mostly retired or in the process of retiring and there are few people coming up below them.”


“The only thing that would change my mind on this was to learn that the country was importing huge numbers of experts from other countries for such a project.”

or in another more recent post:

“Not one nano watt of nuclear power will be in place in Venezuela in ten years, unless someone discovers simple  cold fusion with tap water and an ipod charger. Please, don’t make it more complicated than that, the revolution could not handle it.”

About the main revelation from the wikileaked cable is that I have a Ph.D. in Physics, something that many readers may not know…

Another giant step by wikileaks into revealing public information…

(Thanks Larry Nieves for noting this to me)