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The Chavez and Jaua show, if the President says too much, deny!

December 6, 2010

(Very appropriate to this post, given Chavez’ mouth:”The revolution is carried in the heart, not in the mouth to live off it! Che Guevara)

As I travel, I can’t help but find it hilarious how Chavez talks too much and his Vice-President denies less than a couple of hours later what he said. I mean, these guys still think nobody is watching them as they try to pull this silly doublespeak. I don’t think even hardcore Chavistas don’t see through this farce.

Because Chavez clearly said that he would take the hotels and the empty buildings of the rich, who would not go to Higuerote or Rio Chico right now. Even worse, Chavez gave the wrong diagnose. He claimed that the rich live in the upper parts and the poor in the lower parts because the rich could afford it. Nothing close the truth. Most of this coastal towns have been inhabited for long before the “rich” tourists came. And the locals always preferred to be in the low areas near the water, where their main livelihood, fishing, was. Thus as usual, Chavez is twisting the truth to fit his distorted ideas. In fact, in many of these coastal areas the farms were in the upper part and the workers still lived in the lowe lying areas where the towns have always been.

But no sooner had Hugo said this, that people started going towards Higuerote to defend their property and the Vice-President Elias Jaua, came out and denied that Chavez had said anything of the sort.Said the VP:

“We want to stop speculations…President Chavez did not order that apartments or houses be occupied”

No, Elias, he did not say that he said:

“We are going totake over the abandoned buildings of the rich, we are going to take them over”. Because, said Chavez, while those affected by the floods are in “smelly and dirty water, the buildings of the “rich” are in the best areas, where there is not even a puddle”

And to make sure nobody misunderstands what he meant by “abandoned”, he had said right before that statement: “Right now, I am sure the rich, because they see the “people” flooded” are not going to come here, they are going to go to Europe, or they are going to go to Miami, who knows where they are going to spend Christmas”

So, this was just another chapter of the Chavez and Jaua show, Jaua cleaning up the mess behind the brilliant ideas of the President. That’s all he really does in the end, clean up after the mess left by the big boss.

The floods began one month ago and today, the Chavez Government seems as unprepared to deal with them as the first day.