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A Resident of the El Peonio farm tells Hugo Chavez what a farce his revolution is

December 18, 2010

This video of one of the employees and residents of the El Peonio farm in the South of Lake Maracaibo should be seen by all Venezuelans. It reveals the farce that the revolution is.

For those that do not speak Spanish, the lady starts by saying that their farm was not flooded because the owner helped build the barriers that contained the water, while the “revolutionary” Major spent the money on something else (She suggests cosmetic surgery). But the water came close, they could have easily been homeless too.

She then says that the farm is a town, with more than 50 families living there. She says that some of those left homeless by the floods have been given refuge by the farm. She then asks: ‘Show me one revolutionary that is housing homeless in their farms or homes?”

She goes on to list some of the farms expropriated by the Government previously, and asks why don’t they take the homeless there, why do they have to take over the 47  productive farms with the excuse that they will take the homeless there.

She then says: “If Chavez loves the people so much, why doesn’t he kill some cattle from the Government farms and give it to the people? That cattle was saved thanks to the owner of our farm (Jesus Melean) who provided the trucks and helped, and this is the way they are paying him.

These are the “people” that Chavez claims to love and care for…

Rebellion in Santa Barbara del Zulia, Venezuela

December 18, 2010

Yesterday, the Minister of Agriculture showed up with the military in the area south of Lake Maracaibo known as Santa Barbara del Zulia to take over 47 farms, most of which are devoted to milk or meat production, giving a harangue against the farmers, attacking the “oligarchs” that own the farms. It appeared to be another take over of land in the Chavez Dictatorship.

Except that the farmers and cattlemen and their workers have decided this time to fight and began blocking the road, demanding the presence of the authorities, blocking the National Guard from going through and saying that they would stay there until the measure was revoked. The workers of one farm, named Los Peonios, stopped the National Guard from taking over the farm they work and live at. (It is unclear what their plans are, some leaders say it is a 24 hour protest, others that they will not leave until the measure is revoked)

This confrontation is a strong challenge to the Dictator, however, these people have everything to lose as they face the power of the Venezuelan Army. At the same time, this is also a challenge for Dictator Chavez and his Government as the people of the area are well armed, are used to confrontation and any bloodshed could create a backlash both in Venezuela and internationally against the Venezuelan Government.

For now, this remains the most important challenge to Chavez’ arbitrariness in quiet a while and if this were to continue, people from other parts of Zulia State may decide to join the farmers, creating a significant challenge and a potential trouble spot for the Dictator.