A Resident of the El Peonio farm tells Hugo Chavez what a farce his revolution is

December 18, 2010

This video of one of the employees and residents of the El Peonio farm in the South of Lake Maracaibo should be seen by all Venezuelans. It reveals the farce that the revolution is.

For those that do not speak Spanish, the lady starts by saying that their farm was not flooded because the owner helped build the barriers that contained the water, while the “revolutionary” Major spent the money on something else (She suggests cosmetic surgery). But the water came close, they could have easily been homeless too.

She then says that the farm is a town, with more than 50 families living there. She says that some of those left homeless by the floods have been given refuge by the farm. She then asks: ‘Show me one revolutionary that is housing homeless in their farms or homes?”

She goes on to list some of the farms expropriated by the Government previously, and asks why don’t they take the homeless there, why do they have to take over the 47  productive farms with the excuse that they will take the homeless there.

She then says: “If Chavez loves the people so much, why doesn’t he kill some cattle from the Government farms and give it to the people? That cattle was saved thanks to the owner of our farm (Jesus Melean) who provided the trucks and helped, and this is the way they are paying him.

These are the “people” that Chavez claims to love and care for…

34 Responses to “A Resident of the El Peonio farm tells Hugo Chavez what a farce his revolution is”

  1. m_astera Says:


    The news article mentioned platanos y bananos. Also something about a processing plant to make platano chips, and some things that didn’t make much sense in context about feeding the people of Venezuela. I’m guessing it is all about bananas (cambures) for Russia, as you said. Wonder if anyone has gotten paid up front yet?

    Onward the Republica Socialista Bananoiana!

  2. A_Antonio Says:

    I just read an EDO Cartoon that hits in the spot:

    A red hand says: “I will not expropriate all, only the future”

  3. island canuck Says:

    What a hypocrite! Jaua is blabbing on & on about Sur del Lago.

    He says they are denouncing the pratice of a slave model.

    What the hell do they do with the Cubanos!!!

    I hope with all my emotion that these farmers continue to stand up to these criminals.

  4. Roy Says:


    Your comment finally percolated through my skull… Plantanos? For Russia?

    Bananas, yes, absolutely. Russians are crazy for them. Obviously, they don’t grow in Russia. Although, in the old Soviet Union, there was one corner of Georgia on the Black Sea near the border with Turkey that had a micro-climate appropriate for bananas. But, I digress…

    Plantanos? They wouldn’t have clue what to do with them.

  5. m_astera Says:

    It is conceivable that HC thought when he signed the agreement with Russia that there might be an extra 20,000 ha of prime agricultural land lying around somewhere in the jungle that no one had discovered yet…..some people are pretty naive about farming.

  6. moctavio Says:

    They picked the best place and tried to take it over…

  7. m_astera Says:

    OK, if I understand correctly the info at the link Island Canuck posted, Chavez signed a deal with Russia to grow 20,000 hectares of platanos and bananas for export?

    HC also promised the municipio Francisco Javier Pulgar that an agro-industrial city and processing complex would be built there that would employ 1000 locals. (this could fit the bill for what I mentioned in another post, a bunch of eager chavista farmers who have been promised something for free).

    So, they needed somewhere to grow these platanos (for Russia?) and HC decided to expropriate 47 farms under the guise of providing new homes for those made homeless by the floods? Is that about it?

  8. island canuck Says:

    Many top people are now condemning what is happening.
    Hopefully this bully will back down in the face of all the outcry.
    It’s also about time that everyone is joining in the protest.
    Unfortunately this is only 1 item on a list of hundreds.

    He’ll have to find other land for the Russian Bananas

  9. loroferoz Says:

    Roy, if anything, I hope the tires of the military trucks start puncturing as soon as they begin to approach the area.

  10. Roy Says:

    I was just watching Pablo Perez, the Governor of Zulia making a very important speech regarding the expropriations in Sur del Lago. It was interrupted in the middle by a Cadena for graduating Bolivarian “doctors”.

    It was a short Cadena and when it finished, Globovision re-broadcast the speech. Perez stopped short of joining the rebels of Sur del Lago, but he certainly joined their cause, making an impassioned plea to Chavez to reverse this expropriation.

    Perez is hanging it out there a little. Good for him!

  11. […] A Resident of the El Peonio farm tells Hugo Chavez what a farce his revolution is […]

  12. jak Says:

    Chavez will never have the balls to go and speak to these people face to face. He doesn’t want to hear reality from the very people he claims to be helping.
    As for the bonds. This could get very interesting. If the US court says they are real Hugo’s opinion is irrelevant but he’ll re-act to the take overs.

  13. Roy Says:

    After nearly an hour of the broadcast of the Sur del Lago Rebellion on Globovision, it has been interrupted with a Cadena.

  14. Roy Says:

    Currently watching Assembly of Producers on Globovision. They are throwing down the gauntlet. They have basically declared their rebellion and their determination to fight for their lands. They have the politicians, the unions, and the workers at their sides. They are calling for solidarity from the rest of the country.

    Will the rest of the country be inspired to join their rebellion? Will Chavez put it down with the violence needed to assure his continued authority?

    Stay tuned folks. This is getting interesting.

  15. Kepler Says:

    Prepárense, compatriotas.

    Ahora será de nuevo como lo resolvían los bisabuelos venezolanos: con tusa.


  16. Juan Cristobal Says:

    This lady is fantastic. Thanks for posting.

  17. Roy Says:

    So, this is $6B of Venezuela’s money lost or thrown away through Chavista incompetence.

    Or, it could be corruption. For all we know, the real bad guys (the cons who sold the fake bonds) could have paid Marisol Plaza to verify the bonds.

  18. Gerry Says:

    It does not matter.

    The bonds were made “real” by the “opinion” of the “Chavez” government (whichever organ). Therefore they are “real” in the terms of the Venezuela economy and international recognition there-off.
    Subsequent efforts by the government for a new “opinion” by the same branch of government has only confirmed the governments responsibility for payment.

    How many similar ‘things’ are out there.

    De profundus clamavi.

  19. moctavio Says:

    That’s her name, Marisol Plaza. These bonds were old, way before Chavez, everyone thought they were fake and then she said they were legal and Nobrega contradicted her and the suits began…

    I am pretty sure they are fake.

  20. Maria Says:

    I see now….

    “U.S. investors battle Venezuela in knotty bond investment”


  21. Maria Says:

    “Skye Ventures had done routine due diligence on the securities before buying them and obtained a 54-page report from Venezuela’s then-Attorney General Marisol Plaza that they were guaranteed by her country’s oil-rich Treasury, court papers show.

    But when the investors later sought to redeem their bonds, Chavez abruptly fired AG Plaza — a close ally and friend — to discredit her, court papers said. ”

    Chavez replaced her as AG with another friend and ally, Gladys Guttierez, who issued a new three-page report calling the bonds fraudulent and not guaranteed by Venezuela. Based on forensic evidence, the judge tossed her report.”

    Does an attorney General have the power to issue bonds?

  22. moctavio Says:

    This was while Tobias Nobrega was Ministre, the lawyers name escapes me, but some claimed she was paid for her opinion…

  23. Maria Says:

    “These bonds are fake, but a Chavez Minister or his lawyer said they were real, setting ground for a us Court saying Hugo has to pay…”

    Do you know his/her name? Who woulld be stupid enough to say such a thing?

  24. loroferoz Says:

    An old story in Venezuela, rawer and more on your face than in any place of Europe, or the U.S. Actually, only the employer of these people shows concern for their welfare, and forges a relationship with them. Until in barges the social-something elephant dispensing “social justice” and “revolution” with tusks and little sight of what was going on.

    “I am from the government…” Scary in criollo, and worse, than it is in English.

    Now for the contradiction. Venezuelans expect, for some reason, that the same government that cons them, abuses them, robs them blind and occasionally puts them down will also solve their problems.

    It is probably a money thing, with the govt. having loads of it by virtue of a monopoly on oil (kept by brute force) and an interest in spending some of it on the peasants to keep them subservient and happily keeping the charade of democracy going. Charade it is now and charade it was in the “Fourth”, so far as would-be citizens were and are dependent on the government largesse in any manner.

    But it’s time that Venezuelans learned that the government is NOT your friend. And should not be trusted blindly.

  25. moctavio Says:

    These bonds are fake, but a Chavez Minister or his lawyer said they were real, setting ground for a us Court saying Hugo has to pay…

  26. Maria Says:

    Miguel Octavio,
    What do you know about this?

    ‘Chavez’s $8B fuel tab
    Venezuela leader loses long bond debt battle’


  27. jau Says:

    Lets see if this spark catches fire!

  28. mick Says:

    This is the kind of thing people are drawn to. Let’s see more amateur video and images.

    God bless YouTube!

  29. Roy Says:

    Obviously, this woman is only saying these things because she is one of the rich oligarchs…

  30. Gringo Says:

    Seguir el ejemplo que el Zulia dio. I would not blame them if they wanted secession…..

    Are you aware of the 2004 map of the Republica Independiente del Zulia?

  31. AuvienLobo Says:

    Bay of, remember the chameleon satires!

  32. AuvienLobo Says:

    The important thing is thinking 7 generations ahead just like they try to build in the US, then we might have a chance for our great great great great grandchildren.

    And sorry to bring burden to this blog but if Chavez is gonna have a bullet in his body, is right after he leaves power, the witch hunt that will come will not be televised, and the Mossad will look pale in comparison, maybe just a dream to be fulfilled, but they shall not enjoy especially outside Venezuela their spoils. Umbrella >Guns? maybe more medieval if we get the chance.

    Mugabe is pissed now of his fortunes frozen, wait till our shit hits the fan.

    And if we are lucky and survive this era we will have a nice territory near Miami, Cuba…

    Heard Fidel´s brother script, they are running on fumes, the conundrum in Venezuela and the amount of runaway doctors are fueling an unprecedented revolution in their quarters.

    If Chavez fucked up anything more than Venezuela is the castro continuum, and the Chinese and Russians are trying to fit it in their agenda. What Kennedy could not want to do is happening, so much for compensating for a man on the moon.

  33. metodex Says:

    i sure hope they keep on fighting when they see those big guns and screamo sergeants .what the fuck happened to venezuela.This is what happens when you let marxists take power, fuckers won’t let it go.

  34. AuvienLobo Says:

    Seguir el ejemplo que el Zulia dio. I would not blame them if they wanted secession, among with the rest of the gochos, what would seem the must humble people in Vzla.

    What´s the name of that law of comparison with nazism?, I bet the pope is having a laugh.

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