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Reporters can be scary to Chavez’ National Guard Opressors

December 23, 2010

As Students Protest in Caracas, Repression Is Ready For Them

December 23, 2010

As students gathered at Central University, the Government went from words to deeds and had its repression forces ready. The students had talked about going to the National Assembly to protest the new Law of Universities, but decided instead to just go to Plaza Venezuela since they had no permits (This is a 500 mts. distance) . But the order to repress no matter what had been given and as I write this the National Guard and the Police are all over in the areas near the University, ready to repress.

Nothing is normal in Venezuela when this is happening on Dec. 23d.. The Government thought Christmas would obscure its rush to control the country, but both the students and the Zulia farmers decided that their rights were more important than Christmas.

As the protests were taking place, Chavez forced all TV stations to show his broadcast, barring them from showing the protests.

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