Improvisation comes back to haunt the revolution day after day

January 9, 2011

As part of the Government’s emergency planning, the Army went and bought some tents to provide housing to those left homeless by the recent flooding. The tents were set up at the La Carlota airport in the East side of Caracas. They looked like this:

and like this:

but then today, they flew off, as you can see in this picture:

You may wonder, a tornado? strong winds? a storm?

Nope, this was simply due to a helicopter taking off from the La Carlota airport.

Stupid is, stupid does…

It is just the result of the never ending improvisation of the Government.

Will some General be rewarded for this? Who made money buying the tents? Who came up with this harebrained idea?

We will never know…there is no accountability.

16 Responses to “Improvisation comes back to haunt the revolution day after day”

  1. moctavio Says:

    When the leaders have a “rancho” in their brains, that is what you get.

  2. Bill Simpson in Slidell, LA. Says:

    I lived in one of those formaldehyde saturated FEMA trailers for a couple of years while fighting Louisiana for a government payment for the levee failures that destroyed my house. (They couldn’t get the levees built correctly in the 40 years since Congress ordered them to do so after Hurricans Betsy flooded part of New Orleans in 1965.) Anyway, the fumes had a weird effect on me. All of a sudden my toes would begin to sting and burn like crazy. Luckily, it would only last for a minute or two. Another time, I was driving home from getting a propane tank filled, and the right side of my chest began to hurt right under the skin. Touching the area would cause extreme pain. I could barely drive home. Once again, it only lasted a couple of minutes. It had to be the chemical messing up the nerves, because it ended soon after I moved out of the trailer.
    You are probably wondering why I stayed. Well, I figured that since I inhaled massive amounts of gasoline fumes cleaning engine parts when I was a teenager, a little more cancer risk was no big deal. The damage was already done. And my brain has always been messed up, so what the hell!
    I did manage to finally get $129,000 and I lived rent free for 2 years. That paid for most of my new house, which is located out of ALL flood zones. But I still buy flood insurance.
    I bet those tents would be a little warm on that black asphalt. At least the FEMA trailers had HVAC. That formaldehyde is probably still seeping out of that plastic coated particle board.

  3. moctavio Says:

    Inspection, show? A waste of money, again. The revolution can not shoot straight.

  4. geronl Says:

    The FEMA trailers just needed aired out, formaldehide would have evaporated, but after the outcry they were stowed away on some base to rot. Typical government waste.

  5. megaescualidus Says:

    Following up on ElJefe’s comments, yes, I’d almost prefer formaldehide (going back to the FEMA trailers) over tigra mariposas…

    Good question by geronl, was there anything inside these tents?

  6. ElJefe Says:

    Wow. FEMA trailers look downright luxurious in comparison to this stuff.

  7. Pygmalion Says:

    More thyan 700 schools used as emergency centers were emptied last week and the people transferred to air bases such as La Carlota and Libertador in Aragua. The tents which were blown away were obviously not occupied or fixed to the asphalt… what were they doing there? Just for show or… I understand it ….for inspection. That’s all there is to this “scandal”.

  8. firepigette Says:

    I used to live in Caurimare right on top of the mountain behind La Carlota airport.
    I think back on the changing view over the years, , the presidential arrivals,the private plane landings and then one year people were so happy about the Pope’s visit.The airport was full of ecstatic admirers.Those were the days.

    Then, coups, shootings, terror and fear, then homeless victims.

    As someone who lived in the area for more than 20 years I can tell you it is full of Iguanas and snakes.I saw quite a few Tigre Marispoas around there.I wouldn’t set up small ground tents for dogs in that area.Hammocks would be safer…under some large area tents….

  9. island canuck Says:

    Even a 10 your old boy scout knows that you don’t pitch a tent without anchoring it. These army guys are so with it.

  10. sapitosetty Says:

    Yeah and at Country Club, little kids wandering around would be more likely to hit by stray balls than by whirling propellers.

    There were tens of thousands of homeless from the floods. Thousands will be housed at air bases. They were at schools but the schools are being emptied so classes can start today.

  11. Glenn Says:

    Now if they’d set these up at the Country Club Golf Course, this would not have happened but obviously even Generals enjoy a round of golf;)

  12. Roy Says:


    Good question. And why would they set up living quarters on airport tarmac?

    I don’t think they were actually setting them up there to function. Somehow, that smacks of a what we call in the construction business, “a dog and pony show”.

  13. geronl Says:

    Were there any homeless in this tent city or was its existence just for show?

  14. NicaCat Says:

    Wow!! All I can say is, what major incompetence is involved. As you said, stupid is as stupid does. So incredibly sad.

  15. geronl Says:

    Wow. A potempkin tent city.

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