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Hugo Chavez’ main link to the FARC, trusted adviser (and twice Interior Minister) Ramon Rodriguez Chacin

May 11, 2011

Reading the Raul Reyes papers, the thing that strikes you the most is the ever presence of Ramon Rodriguez Chacin, who has been Chavez’ Minister of many things and who has had a questionable past, including having two Venezuelan ID cards, and a huge account in a bank, but Chavistas are forgiven for such sins.Not the enemies.

Going through the Reyes emails, I was struck how Chacin met, communicated and contacted Reyes and the FARC’s leadership with incredible regularity and mostly representing Chavez. The whole strategy of acting as mediators to release the hostage is contained in the emails and Rodriguez Chacin is always present.

But the sentence that struck me the most was (1.2811):

“Rodriguez Chacin asked about the possibility of transmitting our experience in a guerrilla war, which they call the “asymmetric war”. They want to operating modes, explosives, Bolivarian speeches, forest camps, how to ambush, logistics, mobility, all of this thinking of an adequate response to the possibility of an invasion..There will be many levels, some of them with some Generals..Chavez proposes quarterly contacts to balance out the contacts with the two guerrilla groups”

All over the place, Rodriguez Chacin offers help and collaboration with the FARC, visiting and contacting them and even asking about people kidnapped in Venezuela, not because they care but because there is “pressure”.

Rodriguez Chacin has always been a shady character, Minister of the Interior twice, Head of the Intelligence Office DISIP and famous for calling the guerrillas “comrades” when the hostages were turned over and to “keep up their fight”

Yes, Chavistas, keep denying the obvious…

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