US To Sanction PDVSA And Six Other Firms For Dealings With Iran

May 24, 2011

US officials said that the US Government will sanction PDVSA and seven other firms for dealing with Iran. Companies and individuals from Venezuela, Israel, China, Syria and Belarus will be sanctioned for either commercial or nuclear violations. PDVSA sold gasoline to Iran in violation of the sanctions. In January a group of US Congressman wrote to PDVSA’s President Rafael Ramirez warning that this could happen if PDVSA continued selling gasoline to Iran.

Sanctions may include the closing of bank accounts and access to the US financial system and banning PDVSA from contracts in the US. It will not stop PDVSA from selling oil to the US, but it will not be able to get financing for import/exports.

Not good, the reaction will likely radicalize the Government.

25 Responses to “US To Sanction PDVSA And Six Other Firms For Dealings With Iran”

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  2. Kepler Says:


    Israel as it is now is a new construction, which is as artificial as calling the same place Canaan (only that Palestinians are not that silly).
    If people want to have a state there, OK, but they must share it and not do ethnic cleaning as Israel is doing now.
    It is no surprise that the one country that collaborated the closest with the Afrikaners during Apartheid was the state of Israel, which also gave them the atomic bomb.

    Anyone can come and occupy a land and call it after a state that existed there before, take extra land (as in 1948 and in 1968) which was never part of Israel 2000 thousand years ago (like most of the Negev and large parts of the coast in 1948).

    Those Palestinians have more Jewish blood than you do. They are by far more the descendants of the Jews who constituted for some centuries “Israel”. Now a group of people who speak a Hebrew with a very European syntax, with a very Germanic pronunciation (like the very gutural r and the absence of sounds from ancient Hebrew, whose maternal haplotypes are mostly European and who also on the paternal side have much more European blood than the Palestinians, want to
    have a land there. Well, fine, but they need to consider the people who were living there without leaving – ever. And those are the Palestinians.
    And the others can use whatever name, they have no more basis on any account to be there than the Palestinians.

    What is Israel then based?
    On race? What race?
    Is it base on what? Religion? You are not religious.
    So: on what?
    I repeat: I do have something against countries calling themselves exclusively Islamic, Christian or Jewish. It seems you can’t read.

    The Israelis were the same Canaanites, in spit of the scripts you claim not to believ word-by-word. Hebrew was just another variant to the Canaanite languages.

    The Palestinians won’t do it, but they could call the whole region “Canaan” and say they were there first. The states of Canaan were as real as the ancient state of Israel.

    I finish the conversation here.
    It’s a waste of time. Spend more time thinking about whatever answer you want to give, I know you won’t be able to stop. It’s your time.

  3. Ira Says:

    Oh, you keep exposing yourself with every sentence you write:

    Who the hell said that I’m/we’re chosen? That means nothing to anyone–but it obviously offends your anti-Jewish sentiments.

    I don’t believe in an invisible man in the sky (maybe you do but that’s your problem), but the reference as being “chosen” was more confirmed in the NEW Testament than the OLD. So once again, why do you say something that has no relevance to anything I posted? Where did I ever bring up Jews as the “Chosen” people?

    Net, you failed to address my question about a state of “Palestine,” which I said never existed. Yet you believe that Jews “usurped” the land and that Palestinians have some kind of “right of return.” Can you point me to any reference materials of Palestinians who owned land and lost it to Jews? Can’t you go to the Palestinian records department and…

    Wait, I forgot:

    There IS no Palestinian records department, because there never was a state of Palestine.

    Regarding pulling out your handkerchief in regards to my “never again” comment, who’s asking for your sympathy? That’s why Jews carry guns these days. Do you think we’re going to trust Nazi brethren and their ancestors for our survival? Hell, there’s tons of Jewish jewelry in South America from Nazis who escaped there after the war–gold ripped from Jewish corpses.

    Regarding Joshua, you have GOT to be kidding! Who CARES! Are you simplistic enough as to quote biblical prophecy to justify anything? Did I ever quote biblical prophecy here, including the error of your ways and statement about “The Chosen People?”

    You just don’t get it at all, so you? You have NO problems with Muslim states…NO problems with Christian states…yet you have a problem with the ONLY Jewish state on earth, one created by U.N. mandate to try and right 6,000,000 murders.

    Kepler–you are what you are. You’re an anti-semite. Stop denying it and feel FREE with your beliefs!

    To do otherwise is cowardly.

  4. Kepler Says:

    One of the other companies sanctions was משפחת עופר…oh, let me write it in English: Ofer Brothers Group, “one of the largest private shipping companies in the world.” It is located in…Hamburg? Bremen? Puerto Cabello? La Guaira? Oh, not really. You can contact them in Tel Aviv.

  5. Kepler Says:


    You don’t read what I said. I do have a problem with every state, including those Arab speaking states, defining their nation by religion or ethnicity.

    What is a Jew for you? Race? Religion? Will you choose? Are Arab Israelis less Israelis than Jews? That is racist.
    There was no state of Palestine? So what? They were always there. Don’t come and pretend you, who are as less related to the Jews of 2000 years ago than the average Venezuelan to a Spaniard, claim more rights to people who have been living there for millenia.

    And by the way: at this stage, XXI century, Germans are not a single bit less racist than Jews. And there are plenty of Germans who do say “yeah, my granddad was an SS”.

    But anyway: it is pathetic how you always, always, try to hide
    behind the Holocaust to make yourself a victim.

    You are really making yourself a fool. People related to you are not the only ones to suffer a genocide, no mattr how much you want to fight for the copyrights for that.

    I know history of Israel and probably much more than you do. Unlike you, I did not only go to the Jewish library to read my books but compared sources (although I also did, a lot).

    Most of the current “Jews” are not more Jewish than the average Palestinian because basically most of those Jews have a lot of European mixing, there were a huge amount of convertites specially before the IX century but also afterwards, on the maternal side, as genetics ALSO shows, you have a lot of influence from non-Jewish people.

    And then you come with a much higher proportion of those “blonde” and blue-eyed to Palestine and carry out ethnic cleansing and expell from villages people whose ancestors have been living there for millenia just because you claim to be the “PURE”, the REAL descendants of the Jews, whereas the vast majority of them are at least as much descendants of those people, people who did not arrive to that area as Joshua’s Book says, but rather as science tells us

    “Never, never, EVER again.”
    Wait, wait, I am looking for my handkerchief.
    Guy: you are really pathetic. The genocide of the Jews, like that of many others, was a big tragedy. You are really pathetic if you are going to hide behind that all the time.
    Jews and Arabs have equal rights to that land.

    Ira: get used to it. Israel is not different from any other country. You are not chosen. You are not more or less special than the Palestinians, the Ecuadoreans, the Russians, the Canadians, the Britons, the Germans, the Iranians, anyone.

    Stop being arrogant.

  6. Ira Says:

    You also have to forgive Jews for not trusting some people with German names, especially when these Germans have blonde hair and blue eyes..and none of them have have ever heard of Adolph Hitler. (It’s remarkable how many Germans you meet, and not ONE had a father or grandfather in the SS or SA! And not a single one knew about the concentration camps!)

    Or is this also something that you think that Jews are not allowed to believe, even though there are millions of us 3rd generation Easter European Jews in the states who lost all older family members there?

    Guess what–we don’t care what you think:

    Israel lives on, despite your wishes to the contrary, because Jews around the world donate time, money and blood to the state.

    Whereas Jordan doesn’t allow “Palestinians” to cross the border. And I beg to differ, that this IS proper material for this site:

    Considering Hugo’s support for Iran (which is vowed to Israel’s destruction), I think discussion of Israel is quire relevant.

    Or don’t the sanctions against PDVSA, and today’s restructuring of PDVSA by Stupigo himself, make this a relevant subject? Or are you just afraid to discuss it?

    I’m just trying to understand you’re thinking, because you wanted to bow out of any discussion of Israel because this is a “Venezuelan” site,” but obviously, the PDVSA sanctions are a result of Iran’s fanaticism and desire to destroy the Jewish state.

    So under what premise, morality, or passing reason do you think that these two subjects can possibly be separated.

    I mean:


    These sanctions are targeted to Iran, intent on destroying Israel. So how in God’s name can you claim that this is solely a VZ issue, and not an Israeli one as well?

    I understand that you’ve tried to hide behind the veil of intellectual superiority for a long time here, but this clearly doesn’t fly as far as this issue goes.

    You’re just another putz.

  7. Ira Says:

    Kepler–you obviously have studied nothing about the state of Israel. There has never been a a state of “Palestine,” or didn’t you know that?

    But you never answered my original question:

    How come you have no problem with all of the Islamist states in the Mideast, but you only have a problem with a Jewish state–the only Jewish state on Earth?

    You are what you are, an anti-semite. So stop denying it, okay?

    It must be wonderful to be a Christian and have a hundred nations to go to and “fit in.” And if you were a Muslim, your choices are equally plentiful.

    So we’re sorry that us terrible Jews for want ONE country on earth where we’re guaranteed protection:

    Ethiopian famine in the 70s. Israel sent in 747s to evacuate members of a Hebrew tribe there. Arab nations cried and complained in the U.N., but Arab nations did nothing to save other starving Ethiopians.

    The point is, the Jewish people are not going to depend on you and your ilk to save the Jewish people. Hitler taught us that. and we really don’t care if if it bothers you that we invoke his name.

    Never again.

    Never, never, EVER again.

  8. Kepler Says:

    “Anti-semitic, anti-Semitic, anti-Semitic”: it really becomes so boring, you use that word every time people say something you disagree.
    For all I care: you can call me anti-Semitic all you want. I am not one, but anyway: I am not in the States, where people are afraid to make the slightest criticism to whatever the government of Israel does less they be classified as anti-Semitic. Nor am I anti-Jewish.
    By the way: the Palestinians are even more Semitic than the Jews by any way you measure it: their language is less Europenized (syntax but also phonetics and terminology), many less of them have European haplotypes.

    I have a problem with defining a state based on race or religion. That is the case in Iran and other Muslim countries when they claim to be “Islamic” and that would be the case in Israel if Netanjahu says Israel is just a Jewish state.
    What are Arab Israelis? Inhuman? Do they have less right to be Israelis?
    Why? Because you believe word by word what Joshua says?

    Is Israel a democracy? Well, yes, albeit one where the Arab Israelis are very much third-class citizens.

    So: I do have a problem with Islamic and Jewish states as much as I have a problem with Catholic, Protestant or atheistic states (as a formal definition factor, that is, as a principle).

    Ira: your words to induce fear with the “boo boo anti-Semitic” only play in the USA.
    Israel has been carrying out ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem, it did the same in 1948 (after it was invadd, admittedly, but civilians after WW2 do not have to pay for that, that is international law according to UN and if you don’t like it, just get out of United nations).
    Israel is stealing land from people who have been working that land since time immemorial and giving it to people who say “they are Jewish and thus have more ethnic and religious rights to own that land because God gave it to them”.
    What kind of bullshit is that? Most of those new settlers are less semitic than I am, by the way (and I mean it) whereas the vast majority of those Arabs are descendants of the same Jewish the state of Israel claims to be defending, but were people who converted to Islam or Christianity over 1300 years ago.

    And now those people are getting their lands stolen, now they have to cross 4 border controls to go from Bethlehem to Ramallah and sometimes spend hours being humiliated by Jewish Israelis who think the only Israelis are the Jews. Sorry , man, but that does look like South Africa and Apartheid.
    And you can repeat a thousand times “anti-Semitic, Hitler” whatever.

    You guys from the right in the US are getting more and more isolated on this point.

    Jews have a right to stay in that land and so do Arabs, as much as the Jews.
    End of discussion. This is about Venezuela.

  9. Ira Says:

    Yes, I stand corrected–the only democracy in the mideast, not the U.S.

    As for the rest of your post, your points elude me. Were you actually trying to make any points?

    Israel has historically been the only state in the mideast with regular elections since its inception, and not ruled by monarchy or theocracy. Or are you suggesting that Assad was elected, or that Ahmedinijad isn’t spanked and told what to do by the Imam’s? (And yes, I guessed on the spelling of that name.)

    Jew or non-Jew, the facts are the facts. The mideast is littered with states openly declared “Islamist” states, yet you have a problem with a Jewish state?

    Wow–you have to hide the anti-semitism better than that, Kepler!

  10. Kepler Says:

    “the only real democracy in the U.S.”
    In the Middle East, you mean? Perhaps.
    Israel’s democracy is as “brilliant” as that of Turkey.
    Any move from Tunisia towards democracy would be a nightmare for half of Israel, which wants to keep selling their Joshua dreams based on
    “we are the only democracy here”.

    You should spend some time trying to be a normal person in the occupied territories and not being a Jew.

    Is Germany a Christian state per constitution? The US? “Germanic”?

  11. Ira Says:

    —M Astera: US = Israel’s poodle—

    Are you feeling okay these days?

    If you want to insult the only real democracy in the U.S., and the U.S.’s
    logical support for it, at least get your insults right.

    You should have transposed it.

  12. Glenn Says:

    Sr Coronel- thanks for your presence. Many of us in the blogosphere really respect your opinion.

    “A macho can be knocked down and keep his prestige but no slapped at. Only women and children and cowards are slapped at.”

    Chavez is a coward. This is fitting treatment, even though the uppercut would have been nice.

  13. Gene Says:

    Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA): PDVSA, the state-owned oil company of Venezuela, has delivered at least two cargoes of reformate to Iran between December 2010 and March 2011, worth approximately $50 million. Reformate is a blending component that improves the quality of gasoline. The sanctions we have imposed on PDVSA prohibit the company from competing for U.S. government procurement contracts, from securing financing from the Export-Import Bank of the United States, and from obtaining U.S. export licenses. These sanctions do not apply to PDVSA subsidiaries and do not prohibit the export of crude oil to the United States.

    AsGustavo Coronel says, it’s a slap in the face.

  14. HalfEmpty Says:

    Sure why not. Makes sense, not a lot of sense, but sense.
    Send the oil to China, they can then broker it back to the US taking a little from PDVSA for the trouble.

  15. megaescualidus Says:

    They will never restrict oil imports from Venezuela. They’re too afraid of how it could disrupt such a feeble “economic recovery” (if it can even be called that) currently ongoing. First (as fantastic as it could sound) Chavez would switch oils sales from the US to China. A little bit of it has already happened, right?

  16. juan bimba Says:

    ¿ah,,,,,y por qué no suspenden recibir petroleo? esos gringos lo que dan es risa….

  17. Roy Says:

    “Not good, the reaction will likely radicalize the Government.”

    The future is damn hard to predict, but if Chavez uses this like Castro used the Embargo of Cuba, it would polarize the county even farther. It could be a good thing, if it highlights the real choices involved in the upcoming election.

  18. The real effects of the sanctions would probably be highly limited, as PDVSA affiliates appear not to be included in the snactions and thye would be able to keep importing food petroleum industry equipment and the like. However, this a slap in Chavez’s face, not a hard uppercut from a closed fist. As such, it might even be more damaging to Chavez, as this man has a macho image to protect in Latin America. A macho can be knocked down and keep his prestige but no slapped at. Only women and children and cowards are slapped at.

  19. Glenn Says:

    I can see Chavez having a wet dream on this scenario. He would love for Venezuela to be isolated same as Cuba. A dream come true! This is just more fuel on the anti imperialist fire.

    Of course he would keep selling oil to the damn yanks.

  20. moctavio Says:

    The official document on sanctions:

  21. m_astera Says:

    US = Israel’s poodle.

  22. […] So says the Devil…more to come. […]

  23. moctavio Says:

    No, a company from Israel is being sanctioned for having dealings with nuclear material.

  24. Odin Says:

    How come Israeli companies are getting sanctions from dealing with Iran? There must be a mistake here.

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