New Scientific Paper: Meniscus-Induced Verbal Constipation With Totally Silenced Venezuelan Media

May 29, 2011

For two to three weeks, the most loquacious President in the planet has been silent. But for his daily 140 character message in the novel medium called Twitter, whose authorship can not even be confirmed, there has been total silence from the All Mighty, even when given a brilliant chance to blast the big, bad enemy.

The cause of all this? The big guy has a knee ailment…

Yeap, sure, as the diagram above shows the brain is connected to the knee.

By the arrow…

But nobody says anything. The press is quiet. Muzzled, Fearful. TV? Not even you know who mentions it. We don’t seem to have the right to know. It appears we could go until January 2013 without seeing the guy and reading tweets from him explaining how bad that pain is. So bad, that he can’t even sit on a chair in front of a desk, like he usually does any way, to let his mouth go.


Haven’t found the direct connection between meniscus and mouth, but I probably don’t understand medical terms sufficiently well.

But the pantomime goes on. Somebody must be running the country (Maybe not…), but in the era of transparency and openness, nobody asks who it is, nobody asks why and all we get are silly explanations.

Yeah, sure, knee problems cause verbal incontinence. A new ailment for science journals. maybe I should publish it.

Only in the revolution can this happen and we are so gullible and repressed, nobody even argues it.

57 Responses to “New Scientific Paper: Meniscus-Induced Verbal Constipation With Totally Silenced Venezuelan Media”

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  2. […] and he kept running for President and made them go and vote for him, even as he knew he was dying. Many people knew in May 2011 that he was sick, even your humble Devil wrote about it. And Chavez lied. And he was operated on. And he lied. And […]

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  5. […] met with my original “Chavez is sick source” who in May said that Chavez was sick, leading to my completely forgotten post, which was the first one on the matter. Well, turns out my source knew about it since February […]

  6. […] I first wrote on May 29th. that Chaves did not really have a knee problem, I did this, because someone who has always provided me with good information called me to tell me […]

  7. […] While most people are talking about Chavez absence since his operation in Cuba on June 10th., the problems began way before that. This blog first noted Chavez’ absence and more suspiciously, his silence, on May 29th. […]

  8. […] a link on Instapundit this morning a blog called The Devil’s Excrement. In a post from May 29 he noted that Hugo Chavez had gone virtually silent. Unusual for a fellow who loves the sound of his own voice.For two to three weeks, the most […]

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  10. Dillis Says:

    News reports tonight are saying that Chavez had an emergency operation today in Cuba.

  11. They did not won 52% of seats, through cheating and redsitricting Chavez got almost 60% of Deputies, all the opposition can do is block 2/3 votes.

  12. BruceCarson2008 Says:

    Have the opposition deputies in the legislature been able to slow down any of Chavez’s proposals? They won 52% or are they just totally useless.

  13. Island Canuck Says:

    Tremendous article on the Margarita Island prison San Antonio in the New York Times:

    Discos, swimming pools, women & sub machine guns.

  14. Island Canuck Says:

    What’s with Chavez & the FARC lately.

    It looks like he realizes that they are virtually destroyed & he’s trying to rehabilitate himself by sending their leaders back to Colombia in handcuffs.

    Typical coward stuff.

  15. Juan Says:

    Some people sent photos of esteban and it looks like he had some plastic surgery done. It would not surprise me at all!!!!!!!!!

  16. capitankane Says:

    Dr. F.
    Thanks for the reply and I can respect your POV. Steven brings up a good point that like anything it comes down HOW its done. I could be looking at it far too simply but it seems high powered water blasting mixed with a bunch of chemicals just doesn’t seem like a great idea to me, but I’m the first to admit my extended knowledge of it all comes directly from the banjo guy and exploding water taps film.

    Anyway looks like the clown president is back on the airwaves and we can see what he’s trying to distract us from now. oooh look it’s Lula! 🙂

  17. Steven M Says:

    Faustus, I agree, there is much FUD being spread by both sides of the fracking issue. The basics have been known in the oil industry for generations; my father-in-law used to run frac jobs and he’s 82 now. When done right, there’s no connection between the effect on the rock formations down below and anything near the surface, including water supplies. I suspect that some of the controversy today is being driven by people trying to make a buck. HOWEVER: It also seems to me that there are a few too many people doing fracking improperly or when it’s not the right application for it. And the industry doesn’t do themselves any favors when they and their allies in government get themselves exempted from all possible liability.

  18. Dr. Faustus Says:

    To: capitankane and NicaCat56 ….

    A little off topic, but….
    First, if you read that Wikilinks article “Gasland” from Captinkane you’ll note that, at the bottom of the report, there is a ton of very serious rebuttals concerning the film’s assertions of water contamination from fracking. Read it. It negates the entire film. Second, the reference to the EPA head stating that fracking has shown little evidence of water contamination, as noted by NicaCat56, is worth noting. It is important to understand that ground water contamination can only, ….only!….be affected by the pipe which pases through the water aquifers on its way up/down to the shale deposits thousands of feet below these water deposits. There is no connection between the where the oil lies, and where the water deposits are located, which are much closer to the earths surface. It’s not like you’re stirring up the earth and thus releasing contaminents. The separations are too great. It’s fundamental to understanding what fracking is. Sorry, got a little long-winded….

  19. firepigette Says:

    Seeing the above I am reminded of the old song” The Sound of Silence”

    “Fools,” said I, “you do not know
    Silence like a cancer grows

    “People talking without speaking

    People hearing without listening”

  20. NicaCat56 Says:

    @capitankane: I totally agree with your warning about fracking. Just recently, EPA administrator, Lisa P. Jackson said, “… natural gas creates less air pollution than other fossil fuels, “so increasing America’s natural gas production is a good thing.” ( She’s an idiot AND a liar. Shame on anyone who hasn’t done their homework in this area. And, yes, Dr. Faustus: as much as I agree with you on many of your comments, you’re way off base in your assessment of natural gas. Yes, natural gas, NOT oil.

  21. capitankane Says:

    I don’t want to go too off topic, but Dr. Faustus, I think you should be careful to consider Fracking as promising. This process poisons water supplies and makes your tap water flammable (I recommend to check out the film even if you just watch it to see people ignite their water taps)

    I do agree about what you said about the rest of the world increasing production and how these clowns shouldn’t be taking current prices for granted.

  22. Bloody Mary Says:

    “(…..) hay tres niveles de tipos de cambio, las tasas de interés están artificialmente bajas, hay escasez de pan, leche, café, medicinas…. Hay un control férreo, y los precios !de todo! Están represados.” This was the situation described by Mises Naim as socially explosive in conversation w/ former president Carlos Andres Perez around 1989 according to the book “la Rebelión de los Naufragos”. That situation (many people believe), toguether with a strong adjusment plan (including the adjustment of the public transportation prices) resulted in a social revolution in 1989 that four years later ended Perez’s political carreer. My point is that Chavez is adjusting the subway prices, and many of the problems that existed in 1989 are absolutly present today, so avoiding to be around could be a preventive measure in many ways, like avoiding to be identified as an accountable, or being prevented if some sector start anti-Chavez demonstrations….

  23. Dr. Faustus Says:

    jsb Says:

    I think $80-100 a barrel is the new normal. Nothing short of a complete economic meltdown in the east and west will drop oil 40%.

    Ah, …careful! The thing that most socialists/communists have in common is their inability to grasp the power of ‘the market.’ Chavez would surely be included with that group. The market is a wonderful thing in that it brings back sanity to any wayward economy. Oil. Yup, oil is now over a 100 dollars a barrel, and climbing. In response to that ‘fact’ there are countless oil executives sitting in conference rooms all around this globe looking for ways to take advantage of that price. Their collective actions affect the market for oil. We may see $100+ oil for the next 6 months or even a year. But with each passing day decisions are being made which will bring additional quantities of oil to the marketplace. The Iraqi’s are planning on tripling their oil production shortly. The Russians are bringing ever increasing amounts of oil from Siberia to the world market. The Caspian Sea has millions of barrels of oil looking for an exit strategy. The Brasilians (Petrobras) have discovered an incredible oil field just off their coast. The Canadians can’t produce enough of their oil shales for market demand, especially at a 100 dollar a barrel. And then there is ‘fracking.’ The United States is opening-up potentially huge reserves of oil development in Texas, North Dakota and the Appalachians on this very new, but promising technology. Could the world ol price plummet next year as a result? Maybe. The market is a very, very powerful force…..

  24. Canadian Says:

    No…no…no. You are all wrong.

    Thugo Chavez wants to become a HIDDEN IMAM of Venezuela. 🙂

  25. A_Antonio Says:

    Moved with indignation and sadness, I recommend to read the article appear today in of NITU PÉREZ OSUNA, “Los Chavez: dueños de todo.”. Now is the second most read article in this web page.

    Maybe someone in this blog can confirm the event in Ocumare de la Costa described in this article.

  26. jsb Says:

    “What if that something of value suddenly loses its high value? Say for a short, yet extended period of time? Goes down. Drops, say by 30% or 40%”

    I think $80-100 a barrel is the new normal. Nothing short of a complete economic meltdown in the east and west will drop oil 40%. But then I suppose anything is possible.

  27. Chavez reappeared today in gym clothes and actually said at one point that he did not call a TV program the night before “because he had taken a pain killer”….

  28. Dr. Faustus Says:

    Kepler Says:
    “Venezuela has little to do with socialism or communism. It is still a feudal petro-state where the state controls more and more, which is not quite the same. Still, when I take a look at the Venezuelan state sites I have this strong deja-vu. But Venezuela’s propaganda is much tackier and the ideology much more superficial.”
    Yes, that’s true. Venezuela is not quite like the old Soviet Union, or its satelites. However,… During the 1980’s I spent a lot of time in East Germany (the old DDR) visiting friends and such. I walked the streets of East Berlin, puttered around the port of Rostock and spent some time in the small villages. The DDR was an economic mess. They produced very little of value that anyone in the ‘west’ would want to purchase. And this, …this!….was the very best of what communism had to offer. The DDR was the paradigm of Soviet communism. Like Venezuela there were goofy signs proclaiming “(insert nonsense here,….)” all over East Berlin. Like Venezuela all DDR’s citizens were happy and industrious and,…and on and on, according to the Neues Deutschland (commie newspaper.). But they made nothing of value. Nothing. There was very little to buy in their stores. I know. I looked in the shops of East Berlin for anything to buy. Venezuela, however, makes something of value, ….oil. There’s your difference. Ok, …ok,….they don’t “make it,”….they produce it. But it has value and everyone wants it. A profound thought: What if that something of value suddenly loses its high value? Say for a short, yet extended period of time? Goes down. Drops, say by 30% or 40%, when everyone thinks and plans it will go on and on forever?….and go higher and higher like the Dutch tulip bulb market of the 16th century? The East Germans never faced that problem, the Venezuelans may.

  29. maria gonzalez Says:

    Kepler, tu escenario es muy possible ja ja ja

    The guy also has been described as bipolar, maybe the knee injury was complicated by a the disorder…but I would not be surprise that this long silence is part of a plan. I would not be surprise that another “magnicio” event will be described soon as one of the reasons.

    Chavez no da puntada sin dedal…

  30. megaescualidus Says:


    Do you know (or does anybody reading this blog knows) where Mico’s (“micomandante’s”) knee got operated, and by which doctor? Just curious…

    Also, in my view it is all hypothesis. For all we know he could have been in and out of the country a bunch of times doing murky deals with who knows who abroad. I remember when during “la cuarta” official ceremomy of power transfer used to be televised when the president traveled abroad. Then at least most of the times you knew if the president was in or out of the country. These days, as MO says, the least people know, the better.

  31. moctavio Says:

    Scary, no?

  32. albionoldboy Says:

    “Why is Mussolini so mad as to start this Abyssinian
    adventure when he must realize that his gains will never
    equal what he must spend for the conquest? From the
    military point of view the war in Abyssinia will weaken
    rather than strengthen him.” “The so-called radicals in
    the fascist Party bureaucracy,” the Italian friend replied,
    “are jubilant about this war. They expect the economic
    difficulties in wartime to strengthen their authoritarian
    control of the so-called conservative forces. These will
    be weakened by further measures of expropriation.
    Those who still have privileges and property rights will
    live in fear that they may lose everything and that they
    will perish too if the dictatorship should break down.”
    Similarly, Nazi leaders in Germany do not fear possible
    national economic ruin in wartime. They feel that,
    whatever happens, they will remain on top, that the
    worse matters become, the more dependent on them
    will be the propertied classes. And if the worst comes to
    the worst, they are prepared to sacrifice all other inter
    ests to maintain their hold on the State. If they themselves
    must go, they are ready to pull the temple down
    with them. , G. R.
    New York,
    September 8, 1939

    Click to access vampireeconomy.pdf

  33. Glenn Says:

    Me thinks hugito has been very busy managing Honduras as of late and this is why he’s out of site. Lobo is on the payroll now so expect the cadena’s to resume shortly.

  34. concerned Says:

    Seven fewer episodes of Alo President? Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Enjoy the silence.

    The real reason could be plausible deniability. When everything you are in charge of is failing, a proven tactic is absence and separation. Electrical service, oil production, crime, food, housing, FARC, Iran, etc. is spiraling down or closing in. He is running out of things to take credit for, and the list of failures is growing, so you have silence. Enjoy it while you can.

  35. Kepler Says:

    Maria, imagine Chávez in an Ibero-American summit in Spain:
    “Bueno, doña Sofîa, Don Carlos, discúlpenme que voy a echar una cagadita jejejejeje – espero que eso no los ofusque, eso es normal, hasta un rey lo hace- es que uno como presidente y víctima del imperio tiene que ser particularmente cuidadoso, de eso se encarga Maduro. ¿Verdad Maduro? Mi fiel Maduuuuro.

    Hay espías del Impeeerio que seguro quieren clonear a Chávez, jeje”

  36. lim Says:

    I can understand Obama bringing your own toilet to Buckingham Palace, since the plumbing is from 1705 and visitors’ facilities are outdoors. You need to have lived in old UK houses to know what I’m talking about.

    Obama has the autocrat spirit in him. He would do well spending more time in his portable toilet.

  37. maria gonzalez Says:

    I just hope that “Aguila 1” or some of his “anillo de seguridad” does not read the last comment… i just see a lot of $$$ wasted anytime that “Aguila 1” goes to the bathroom…specially with the amount of coffee that he drinks!

  38. Kepler Says:


    About the President of the United States of America’s fæces: we got to hear about this on German news in 2007. The issue came to be thoroughly discussed after Bush visited the place at G8 meeting in Heiligendamm in 2007 and Bush and a large part of the US delegation had diarrhea.

    Bush’s wife claimed it was poisoning, but the Germans explained how a lot of the US Americans who also got the problem did not eat at all from the German stuff, so it had to be some US beef or so that was past its date or so.

    Anyway: I would not be surprised if not only world leaders like Obama or Hu Jintao are keeping their stuff to themselves. Probably most heads of state from Europe but for Herman Van Rompuy do that.
    It would be fun to know the details about how each delegation organizes things when Number 1 has to do a number 1 or a number 2.

  39. Kepler Says:

    Perhaps you can in the future clone a president from his shit. You definitely can get ADN information from it. You can design a new virus that would affect the president only. Imagine an old lady who gets the proper virus spread over her skin and imagine Chávez hugging her on a warm day.

    Dr. Faustus,
    When I was a teenager I would go to the Soviet embassy and to the House of the Communist Party in Venezuela from time to time. I had no ideological sympathy for communism, ever – some of my parents’ best friends had to run for their life to escape from the Soviet Union, but it was one of the few places in Venezuela of the eighties where you could get a lot of Russian material and that for free. I followed very closely the leaders’ changes from reading between the lines and pictures and from some Samizdat reprints our friends would send us from Canada. As soon as Gorbachov arrived I knew it was over and crumbling down and the system would collapse in a couple of years. It was amazing, though, to see all the propaganda they had. They could really have propaganda in the soup recipes sometimes because they would put some initial comments about this dish coming from the poor farmers of the Dniepr and whatever.

    Venezuela has little to do with socialism or communism. It is still a feudal petro-state where the state controls more and more, which is not quite the same. Still, when I take a look at the Venezuelan state sites I have this strong deja-vu. But Venezuela’s propaganda is much tackier and the ideology much more superficial. Most of these old commies would flunk if the old Soviet commies were to test them on their ideological crap. They don’t even know their own theory. I find a pity most Venzuelan politicians from the other side do not have a clue either. If they knew, they could organise in some areas a better attack on the brainwashing schemes Chavistas have.

    What these Chavistas use is mostly a mix of social-pseudo-ethnic resentment – rather easy to do in a country where few people have a solid overview of our roots and of how we fit in the world history, also in a country where, very tragically, the upper classes have a particularly Spanish-feudal mindset and no social commitment, unlike in North America or Europe – Orwellian Newspeak and old caudillo rhetoric.

    Chavez would become very soon a dwarf if we had a critical mass of people who could analyze him for what he really is and who could see the big picture of why Venezuela is an underdeveloped country.
    Then he could be absolutely healthy but still be a dead fish.

  40. […] authority than Venezuela’s long suffering el Presidente Chávez, whose knee problems have caused verbal constipation. This will change medical science, certainly for the better. For two to three weeks, the most […]

  41. Roy Says:

    Actually, amongst all nations that pretend to world power, the health of the head of state is considered a state secret.

    Little known fact: When the President of the U.S. travels, and stays in foreign accommodations, they install a portable toilet for him to use. This is to prevent opposing intelligence agencies from collecting stool and urine samples, which would, when analyzed, tell them a great deal about the President’s state of health.

  42. boz Says:

    One issue here is that the media are afraid of being wrong. If they report “Chavez is sick” and he appears the next day giving a speech and looking healthy, it hurts the credibility of the journalists and gives the president more ammunition to claim the media are trying to destabilize him. Without any way to confirm his illness, they are just speculating and that’s a dangerous territory for journalists in any country, much more one in which journalists are under heavy scrutiny by the government.

  43. Bloody Mary Says:

    Silence from the press must by intentional in order to avoid that the government take advantage of the speculation as a propaganda mechanism. Who manage the country? Who cares: absolutely emptiness couldn’t be worse so, enjoy the moment.

  44. Dr. Faustus Says:

    I had to laugh at the excellent comparison of ‘Kremlinology’ and ‘Mirafloresology.’ Being a student of Russian history, I know that the comparison is frightfully accurate. Yuri Andropov ruled for a very short time because he became deathly ill only months after taking control of the Politburo. I think it was barely over a year. Everyone ‘guessed’ that he was sick, but no one knew for sure. Konstantine Chernenko was a already a doddering old man when he succeeded Andropov. You knew the end was coming when he, Chernenko, couldn’t muster the strength to stand for hours atop Lenin’s tomb, in bone-chilling cold, and wave at the tanks, troops and marchers on the Russian Revolution’s anniversary. Kremlinologists knew at that moment that his end was near.
    With Chavez one needs to look at when the next ‘publicly’ announced engagement is to be held. If he doesn’t show, ….oh boy! I think his next engagement is next week in Brasilia. Am I correct?

  45. Bruni Says:

    typo above. “Started saying he was seriously ill”

  46. Bruni Says:

    I think you’ve got a good point Miguel. The secrecy about the leader’s health is typical of autocracies.

    Does someone remember Breshnev’s illness? The guy must have been death for a while when the goverment started asking he was seriously ill.

    The problem, Miguel is not only the goverment, but the press and the opposition. How come NOBODY else asks about what is going on?

  47. jsb Says:

    This reminds me of the “kremlinology” of old. How would you label this? Mirafloresology?

  48. boz Says:

    There was an entire week in February (right after the 1992 coup anniversary) where he didn’t appear publicly at all. The government claimed it was the “gripe” and had cabinet ministers running the show. It seems he’s been sick a bunch of times in the past year, forced to miss events or just dropping out of the public eye for a few days.

  49. firepigette Says:

    Ojo: when a loudmouth is very quiet it’s often because he thinks he’s getting something over on everyone else.

  50. Miguel Octavio Says:

    Absoluteky right, corrected!

  51. dr_who Says:

    I think that you have used the wrong word to describe the lack of words from Him. Incontinence is the inability to control your bowel or bladder, which would mean he was talking more than ever. You mean constipation, which is the inability to move one’s bowels. So his knee is causing verbal constipation.

  52. David Says:

    There are several explinations. He may have gout, arthritis of the knee or sinovial inflammation with recurrent swelling which causes a lot of pain and need for recurrent Doctor visits, rather than a simple meniscus ailment. Or worse yet, he may have a knee infection which would cause him to have some very serious treatment and that could shut him up for weeks

  53. Lim Says:

    It is common for autocrats to shroud themselves in a mist of health mystery. Kim Jong-Il is said to have serious health problems, but nobody knows what it is. Journalists invent things like a stroke to have something to write about. Fidel Castro allegedly suffers from some condition that demands frequent visits to the boys’ room (or to a room with some machine to the same effect). “His health is a secret of state”, it is said in an attempt to confound the Empire. Now Chavez is trying to cultivate his own cult by disappearing from public view by blaming his… meniscus! What these three characters have in common is that they drop out from tcenter stage, leaving the running of the country to someone else. In Korea it is the army. In Cuba it is the Communist Party. In Venezuela we haven’t got that far yet.

  54. m_astera Says:

    My guess- He discovered synthetic opiates (like Rush Limbaugh) (remember when Evo gave him the coca paste?) Once he gets used to them he’ll never shut up, like Rush Limbaugh.

  55. Roy Says:

    I know that the rumors are beginning…

    – He is dying of cancer.

    – He is being drugged and controlled by someone in his inner circle.

    And other even more ridiculous speculations.

    Regardless of the real reasons for his visible absence, his organization is doing a poor job of information management. They are getting behind the curve. In the absence of hard information, the rumors can start to grow a life of their own.

  56. Miguel Octavio Says:

    Then, is he running the country drugged up or someone else is?

  57. sapitosetty Says:

    There is ample evidence that Chavez had a problem that predated the supposed knee surgery. From March 27 to May 22, there were no episodes of Alo Presidente — an unusual gap of seven episodes. He also took off three consecutive weeks between Feb. 13 and March 13. It wasn’t until May 10 that the knee problem was announced.

    On the other hand, knee surgery often involves a lot of pain-killers, and he may not want to appear while drugged up. Who knows.

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