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Hugo Chavez’ Health Becomes More Mysterious as he Undergoes Emergency Operation in Cuba

June 10, 2011

Tonight we get news that President Hugo Chavez underwent an emergency operation not of his knee, but of a pelvic abscess, an infection of the lowers intestine.

Nothing bizarre or unusual here. An emergency operation and the Venezuelan President was taken to Cuba of all places, just around the corner for an emergency. (Whatever happened to Barrio Adentro?)

Other than his knee problem, there has been no warning of the President having any other problems, other than his unusual silence the last couple of months. Chavez appeared to be better, went to Brazil and then all of a sudden this news. But I heard otherwise then, some debilitating disease, bone related. Pelvic problems, ummm…

Something is not being fully revealed, as I suggested a week or so ago.

Sunday June 12th.: To add to the confusion Hugo Chavez says “is not malignant”. Funny, nobody had talked about cancer or tumors. More like sepsis from the knee operation or osteomyelitis…