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Their honor is not the insignia of Venezuela’s National Guard

June 19, 2011

This video was made by some of the National Guardsman participating in the attack of the El Rodeo prison. They even tape themselves at the end as if they were heroes. As you can see they are as unprepared for taking over a prison as for movie making. These are the people that are supposed to defend us. As you watch it, imagine the same scene in 1992 led by Hugo Chavez against the Presidential Palace in the military school where he surrendered. Two our every three words are swear words. It is as if they were using fireworks at Christmas. Total disregard for the prisoners, calling them those bichos “animals”. Relatives say there are 70 prisoners dead, the Government has not released any new numbers after the attack. The movie feels more like war than an attack on a prison. Shameful!

(the title refers to the motto of the National Guard: Honor is their insignia