Their honor is not the insignia of Venezuela’s National Guard

June 19, 2011

This video was made by some of the National Guardsman participating in the attack of the El Rodeo prison. They even tape themselves at the end as if they were heroes. As you can see they are as unprepared for taking over a prison as for movie making. These are the people that are supposed to defend us. As you watch it, imagine the same scene in 1992 led by Hugo Chavez against the Presidential Palace in the military school where he surrendered. Two our every three words are swear words. It is as if they were using fireworks at Christmas. Total disregard for the prisoners, calling them those bichos “animals”. Relatives say there are 70 prisoners dead, the Government has not released any new numbers after the attack. The movie feels more like war than an attack on a prison. Shameful!

(the title refers to the motto of the National Guard: Honor is their insignia

10 Responses to “Their honor is not the insignia of Venezuela’s National Guard”

  1. Gringo Says:

    Correction: Only 28% of those imprisoned in Venezuela have been tried and sentenced.

    That is a systemic dysfunction: very sad. I wonder what the percentage was fifteen years ago.

  2. Buster Hymen Says:

    must be Bush’s fault

  3. anonymous Says:

    @captainccs That is the 64 million dollar question the Chavista government will not touch with a ten foot pole.

  4. moctavio Says:

    Correction: Only 28% of those imprisoned in Venezuela have been tried and sentenced.

  5. Charly Says:

    Las divisas son su honor. Garbage people!

  6. maria gonzalez Says:

    Very insane indeed…
    The big problem in Venezuela is the disappearance of the moral values…If I was running a newspaper I will place in the front page the question Who is responsible for those weapons be inside of the prisons? in bit red letters!
    Listen to the video with your eyes close and you don’t know if who are talking are the malandros in the prison or the GN…they used the same language. Many of the poor relatives of the prisoners outside the prison could express themselves better that those GN.

  7. I watched this yesterday. What I don-t understand is how laid back they are when the people in the prison are shooting back. Very insane. Like a Latin American Apocalypse Now.

  8. George Best Says:

    HI – of course not – they are “cavernicolas” all the way since ever…

  9. bobthebuilder Says:

    I’m sure this video will go viral. And if it doesn’t, it should do.

  10. captainccs Says:

    How did they allow so much armament in the prison in the first place?

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