The empty words of Hugo Chavez on prison reform

June 20, 2011

El Rodeo prison as it was attacked by the National Guard

Quotes from the fake revolution:

“The prison problem is a reflection of the national rot in many areas, a judiciary riddled with corruption, inefficiency , insensitivity, a prosecutor who for years has not fulfilled its obligation to ensure compliance with human rights, prison gangs that became encroached there, who then took possession over the prisons. ”

“Prisons are like the gates of of the fifth Hell. I am committed to all of you, to your family, with your pain. We already have a plan that was developed before taking office, and I already have a team of military and civilians working on the ‘Dignity Plan’, dignity for prisoners. Dignity for prisons, and that thye become, indeed, in places where people live together, where they live and not die in life, like Venezuela’s prisons currently are, a system, our prison system, of the worst ones and most savages one around the world, even worse than many dictatorial regimes”

Who said this? Hugo Chavez on June 20th. 1999 in Alo Presidente #4

Like all his promises, nothing came of it, noting happened, nothing was being planned. The results are there to see:

-Only 28% of the prison population has been tried and sentenced

-The number of prisoners has almost doubled, while homocides have almost tripled.

-The People’s Ombudsman showed up over a week after the first deaths took place and hours after the attack by the National Guard

-After three days, the National Guard has yet to control the prison.

-We still don’t know the true number of death on the first weekend of the riots at El Rodeo and so far, the Government has not said how many were killed in the El Rodeo take over.

-How does moving the prisoners solve the problems?

-And finally, there is the big question: How did all those weapons get into El Rodeo? Were they brought in as part of the Dignity Plan?

16 Responses to “The empty words of Hugo Chavez on prison reform”

  1. ロレックス 横浜 ロレックス アンティーク レディース

  2. deananash Says:

    Sorry, should be ‘opposition’, not opportunity. As a type of pun, it also works.

  3. deananash Says:

    Manuel, AWESOME historical record, as usual. The opportunity needs to provoke Chavez, and using his words, images and loves (think ‘3 strikes ‘) is how to do it.

    This blog has EVERYTHING anyone would ever need.

  4. deananash Says:

    I’m amazed that someone competent from the lower ranks hasn’t yet figured out how to take advantage of these situations. I mean, Venezuelans would gladly follow just about anyone. Before you protest, I offer Chavez as my exhibit one (and only) proof. That’s how confident I am.

  5. megaescualidus Says:

    “Now the family members are protesting near Miraflores, let’s hope we get some momentum …”.

    Not that I’m suggesting anything here (I’d never do that…), but, didn’t “El Benemerito” hop in when “El Cabito” left the country [not to get into too much detail here] to be treated of an ilness? And, much more recently and in a totally different place, didn’t Yemenis go berzerk when their local “satrapa” traveled abroad, also to be treated of an ilness? Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity for Venezuelans to, as Dillis wrote, wake up, just even a little, and realize that the sooner Chavez is dealt with (in the 2012 elections, ideally, of couse) the sooner the country can start getting out of the abyss it currently is in? For God’s sake, “the guy” is so “vende patria” that he wouldn’t even get treated in one of those posh clinics Venezuelan “oligarchs” go to, most probably for fear of someone’s scalpel slipping too far out (or in, for that matter)…

  6. Dillis Says:

    Now the family members are protesting near Miraflores, let’s hope we get some momentum and the people wake up from their slumber. But no las vacaciones are coming!

  7. m_astera Says:

    “How they would know is beyond me. He’s been that way for years.”

    That one made me laugh.

  8. island canuck Says:

    “-How does moving the prisoners solve the problems?”

    Probably so they can clean out the areas they have already taken over. They said this morning that these prisoners would be returning in a couple of weeks.

    A strong rumour on ND this morning that his highness is not coming back. One reason was that he has flipped out & is not capable of governing. How they would know is beyond me. He’s been that way for years.

    Probably unrelated but I can’t get into ND from here in Venezuela for the last few hours. Just tried with a proxy & it also timed out.

  9. megaescualidus Says:


    I’m glad you’re keeping track of Mico’s empty promises, and how irrelevant they are, particularly when by far from fulfilling them the come back to, perhaps, hunt him over and over.

  10. Pol47 Says:

    The only thing that the opposition has to do is overthrow HC, then throw him an his so called Generals in the prison and see how long that they live. Hell why not make it a national lottery.

    But in all reality he and his thugs will move to Cuba, be welcomed with open arms to live out thier lives in luxary spending money stolen from the people of Venezuela.

    Sit back, have a Polar along with a glass of rum and enjoy the remainder of your week.

  11. LD Says:

    and I’m keep thinking, the MUD/opposition only has to promise one thing: Efficiency.

  12. LD Says:

    Palabras, palabras, palabras…
    Maybe the MUD makes a booklet/website with all the promises and the results. Wait, not all the promises, it would have no end, take only the biggest ones.

  13. Roger Says:

    Here is a bit on the jails in China jails even their corruption is organized!

  14. Francisco Toro Says:

    btw, notice how hard it is to translate the big man when he’s in cursi mode…”morir en vida”!?

  15. Francisco Toro Says:

    Great minds…

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