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Imposing order in El Rodeo Prison turns into a battle

June 17, 2011

This morning five thousand National Guardsmen were sent into the El Rodeo jail to restore the law and order that the Government failed to impose over the last few years and as of a few minutes ago, only 45% of the prison (there are 4,000 prisoners in it) was under the control of the guard. Meanwhile, the take over became a battle if not a war, as the prisoners families have refused to leave the surrounding areas and as they were dispersed with tear gas, they began fighting back, as shown in the picture above.

There are now reports of both a fire inside the jail, as well as protests in other jails in solidarity with the events of El Rodeo.

Not a  pretty picture, as the problem seems to be quite serious and the relatives report that the National Guard is killing prisoners, while the Government says there have been no new deaths today, only eight injured National Guardsmen.

Hopefully, there is no additional deaths but the problem  seems far from contained at this time.

I was sent a picture supposedly taken by a prisoner inside the jail, but I decided to remove it, more pictures here.

This is a video a month ago of the prisoners and their weapons in El Rodeo.