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And now we have a video of Hugo Chavez, which only raises more questions

June 28, 2011

So now we get a video of Hugo Chavez “in a fresh Havana morning” talking to Fidel Castro. But just to make it obscure, there is no audio, many pictures, careful montage and “proof of life” via a picture of today’s Gramma, not in the video. Chavez does look thinner, only seven stars in the Venezuela suit.

But the loquacious President remains silent and the video/pictures is too professionally staged for anyone’s taste. The video discards the triumphal return mystery story. Not also that the video clip is shown at a fast speed as if to hide abnormally slow movements by Chavez (or Fidel)

Once again, I think he is ill, not dying, but severely restricted, don’t think we will see him before the 5th. and doubting the fifth. Something is clearly wrong.


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