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Venezuela: Yes, They Really Said That!

September 8, 2011

-Central Bank President Merentes: “Almost all sectors of the economy grew, with the exception of construction.”

Must be the effect of that great plan called Mision Vivienda…Priorities always seem to screw up the sector chosen under Chavez.

Former everything Minister for Chavez Jesse Chacon: “We have to continue with Chavez, mejor malo conocido, que bueno por conocer (Better the bad one you know than a good one to get to know)”

Glad to see him acknowledging Chavez is bad, but he is simply sooo bad, he needs to leave…

Minister for Electricity and former guerrilla leader Ali Rodriguez: “People have a right to express their disgust and disagreement, but these (the protests) are criminal activities that inevitably lead to the use of force”

You have to love that coming from former guerrilla commander “Faust”, who spent thirty years shooting people and was apparently the last guerrilla member to give up in 1983, years after the guerrilla movement was dead in Venezuela.

Hugo Chavez himself: “We neglected the electrical sector”

Nooo! Wasn’t it El Niño? Or was it La Niña? Wasn’t it a boycott by the opposition? Ah! You did nothing for twelve years, you finally got it!

Hugo, in the end, you have neglected Venezuela…

Minister Ali Rodriguez (again): “Logic says that gasoline and energy prices have to be increased”

Yes Ali, after twelve years this seems “logical”, but logic is not Hugo’s Government’s strength, irrationality seems more like it. It was him that stopped the last scheduled gasoline price increase under Caldera in 1998 and froze Electric rates 8 years ago. Thus, he will keep gasoline and electricity prices where they are until he leaves, whether in 2012 or 2030. That’s his logic!

And speaking of price increases, user of Movistar complained about the company’s rate increases and Indepabis quickly responded freezing the company’s rates and starting an investigation and sanctioning them. Well, with 30% inflation and the fact that the company does not receive as much foreign currency as Movilnet and now no price increase, then users should get ready to have deteriorating service. In Movilnet, that is guaranteed due to the lack of investment, nothing like insuring your future is bleak due to stupidity! (Disclosure: I am not a Movistar subscriber!)