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Clueless Chavismo Does Not Even Know How To Deal with A Landslide

September 27, 2011

Late in August, I am not sure what day, landslides in the road to Choroni blocked the road. I have two friends in their eighties that had to be helicoptered out that week. At the time, the wise Governor of Aragua State said that it would take four days to clear the road.

It may seem like a chicken and egg problem, the Governor says these are the worst landslides in history, but the rainy season has not been particularly bad. It could be a maintenance problem, or may be not.

But what is amazing is that today, the same guy, Governor Isea, gives a press conference to say that tonight, sometime after 7 PM, traffic was partially restored on the road to Choroni.

We are talking SEVEN times later, 28 days to be exact, rather than four and there is still a rock on the way such that only one car can pass thru at a time. Yes, in the middle there was partial access, but these guys are ONLY a month late!

Is he proud of this? Does he really think he is a hot shot Governor? How clueless can he be? We are talking about beautiful Choroni, a town that lives off tourism being isolated for a full month!

Even if the beach is nice:

an believe it me, it is. Why would you even bother to try to go there?

And you will not even bother going until the rains end, maybe in February?

This does wonders for the local economy of Choroni.

And in talking to my friends, who have had a house there for decades, they don’t ever remember the road being closed for more than two or three days and it has now been a month!

And you can bet Isea will hold a press conference when full traffic is restored! That’s how clueless these guys are, they don’t even know how to deal with a landslide or a series of landslides, which are not even a record.

But they think they are doing great!