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Praying for Hugo in Manhattan

September 22, 2011

I am still a little confused by these images from the prayer service for Hugo Chavez held in Manhattan. Are we to believe now that Maduro has become a believer? And how about Sean Penn? And you have to wonder about a church whose claim to fame was that Fidel Castro the agnostic visited once.

But it is the images that I wonder about.  The word “cursi” comes to mind (Corny in English?). But in the end who were they aimed at?

Look at the invitation:

Chavez’ pose is reminiscent of the “good” Chavez days. It looks airy, almost super natural. Very religious. The question is who are they trying to canonize? Hugo?

Or is the picture below, is that of the soon to be anointed Son and the Spirit under him?:

Is a message being sent? To whom? The Vatican or the Venezuelan people?

Or was this just another corny Chavista show?

(Note the Sixtine Chapel like shades on the purple image of Hugo!)