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Protests have become a daily event in Venezuela

September 15, 2011

Yesterday, there were many protests against the Government as usual, what is different is the rage of the people and who they are. These are not opposition members as Chavez tries to portray, these are “pueblo” the very supporters of Chavez that seem to be getting tired of the lies and promises that never materialize.

I found two protests that were interesting, in part because the images are quite powerful. One is by people who were left homeless in the 2010 floods and are still living in temporary housing, despite promises that their problem would be resolved soon. The result? Well, the nice policemen tear gassed the protesters and some were injured:

The second case took place in Carabobo, near Moron, where people were protesting the fact that they had spent 24 hours without electricity and blocked the highway. The traffic jam was gigantic and as night fell, the protesters started looting the trucks that could not move on the road as seen in this picture:

As you can see this was not just a few people, but everyone seemed to be participating.

And I found this image quite dramatic, a barefoot guy trying to put a stolen pig on his motorcycle to carry it away after taking it from some poor trucker nearby:

Yeah! Hugo is widely popular and a hero to the “people”. Maybe that was the only reason to try to advance the election, the problems will get worse and worse as time goes by…and they know it!